Kananaskis Country (Highway 40) - Alberta, Canada
Mount Baldy West Ridge - Kananaskis Country (Highway 40)

Mount Baldy West Ridge


My first climber's scramble of the season. Mount Baldy via west ridge wasn't just about the crux. The second half of ascent was full of hands on scrambling to enjoy.
Mount Baldy - Kananaskis Country (Highway 40)

Mount Baldy


Kevin's one of his favorites, Mount Baldy. We went there very early and it was cold until we reached close to summit where we saw sun.
Centennial Ridge - Kananaskis Country (Highway 40)

Centennial Ridge


To Mount Allan and beyond. I met nice people at the trail and we hiked together.
Climbing at Wasootch Slabs - Kananaskis Country (Highway 40)

Climbing at Wasootch Slabs


Plan B was no plan. But due to rain even though weather forecast was sunny all day, we had to come up with plan B. So Climbing at Wasooth.
Fisera Ridge to Mount Collembola - Kananaskis Country (Highway 40)

Fisera Ridge to Mount Collembola


We didn't follow the route we planed but that extra distance and extra time became extra scenery and extra joy. We made a use of a lovely day at Mount Collembola.
Fortress Ridge Attempt - Kananaskis Country (Highway 40)

Fortress Ridge Attempt


I couldn’t make it all the way, but still found Fortress Ridge to be super enjoyable trip. I have to go back there someday.
Fortress Ski Hill - Kananaskis Country (Highway 40)

Fortress Ski Hill


Crazy peeps took me to closed Fortress ski resort under sketchy avalanche conditon, however ski condition was great.
Grizzly Peak - Kananaskis Country (Highway 40)

Grizzly Peak


Finally… finally finally finally I stood at the top of Grizzly Peak after 3 failed attempts. Now I can sleep in peace.
Grizzly Peak Attempt 2 - Kananaskis Country (Highway 40)

Grizzly Peak Attempt 2


For the second try, I attempted to do Grizzly Peak. This time the weather and snow covered grass terrain were my obstacles.
Grizzly Peak Attempt 3 - Kananaskis Country (Highway 40)

Grizzly Peak Attempt 3


Not again!! I failed to summit Grizzly for the third time… I guess I just don't have any luck with Grizzly. Damn it!! Damn it!! Damn it!!
Grizzly Peak North Route Attempt - Kananaskis Country (Highway 40)

Grizzly Peak North Route Attempt


My "Plan D" stands for detour. Unable to park at the parking spot due to too much snow. I was forced to take unknown North route.
Mount Kidd Fire Lookout - Kananaskis Country (Highway 40)

Mount Kidd Fire Lookout


It was a pretty sunny but smoky day in Kananaskis, Alberta. I was dying for hungar alone in Mount Kidd…lol
Mount Kidd South Peak - Kananaskis Country (Highway 40)

Mount Kidd South Peak


Famous mountain in Kananaskis Mount Kidd. Tried the South Peak. The elevation gain was crazy and all scree up. (;´▽`A``
Mount Kidd - Kananaskis Country (Highway 40)

Mount Kidd


Popular peak in Kananaskis, Mount Kidd. I have done south but this time I went for the true summit. This trip was the most epical trip I had in my life.
King Creek Ridge - Kananaskis Country (Highway 40)

King Creek Ridge


An intermediate hike at King Creek Ridge near Kananaskis Lakes. More snow on top of the ridge than bottom, we took our time to get up and enjoyed the great view.
Little Lawson Peak - Kananaskis Country (Highway 40)

Little Lawson Peak


Cal suggested to go for Little Lawson Peak, so we did without snowshoes… Big mistake, nonetheless, we made it to the peak.
Mount Lawson - Kananaskis Country (Highway 40)

Mount Lawson


Ever since I saw Ferenc's pictures from May ascent, I wanted to do this in somewhat snow condition, but I gave up that and went for it in somewhat dry condition.
Limestone Mountain - Kananaskis Country (Highway 40)

Limestone Mountain


Another day in mountain. This time I went to Limestone Mountain with COC. I have to admit this wasn't too exciting but at least I got fun with off-route scrambling.
Little McDougall (Volcano Peak) - Kananaskis Country (Highway 40)

Little McDougall (Volcano Peak)


With new person Christian from QC, we went to Little McDougall, just SW of Mount McDougall. Dispite of leading the party to wrong way (again), we made it to the peak.
Midnight Peak to Midday Peak - Kananaskis Country (Highway 40)

Midnight Peak to Midday Peak


I finally gave up winter scrambling and I was looking for dry condtion, instead I got dump of snow!! Maybe it was one last winter scramble at Midnight Peak and Midday Peak.
Little More McDougall - Kananaskis Country (Highway 40)

Little More McDougall


I was literally wandering in mountains by myself without knowing where I was going. I ended up on a small unnamed peak which I nicknamed "Little More McDougall".
Old Baldy Mountain Attempt - Kananaskis Country (Highway 40)

Old Baldy Mountain Attempt


Nicknamed peak "Old Baldy Mountain" turns out to be quite difficult when it snow covered. Our party memebers all learned how snow can make such a big difference.
Opal Ridge Half Traverse - Kananaskis Country (Highway 40)

Opal Ridge Half Traverse


Another scramble with Calgary Scrambling and Mountaineering Club. We attempted Opal Ridge traverse. Even though we only completed half, I was very satisfied.
Opal Ridge South - Kananaskis Country (Highway 40)

Opal Ridge South


Another off-route scrambling with Shaun at Opal Ridge South. Lots of challenges and route-finding was a lot of fun. The best part, we still made it to the top.
Spoon Needle North Peak - Kananaskis Country (Highway 40)

Spoon Needle North Peak


Small peak but still a peak. I attempted Spoon Needle. I couldn't get to the highest point, but close enough I guess.
Volcano to McDougall to Old Baldy - Kananaskis Country (Highway 40)

Volcano to McDougall to Old Baldy


Joined CSMC to do 3 peak traverse. Volcano was little bonus but McDougall and Old Baldy was pretty awesome peaks.
Wasootch Ridge - Kananaskis Country (Highway 40)

Wasootch Ridge


My second attempt of Wasootch Ridge. Unlike the last time, it was dry and had no problem getting to the summit.
Wasootch Ridge Attempt - Kananaskis Country (Highway 40)

Wasootch Ridge Attempt


I have never thought I had to trun around on hikig peak, but I did. However how I went wasn't really hiking route which I didn't realize while I was there.
Wasootch to Kananaskis Peak - Kananaskis Country (Highway 40)

Wasootch to Kananaskis Peak


Traverse of officially unnamed peaks in Kananaskis. Kananaskis Peak should be official name! It's the name of the park why not have peak named after?
The Wedge - Kananaskis Country (Highway 40)

The Wedge


It's been a while since I summited a peak. I managed to find a time to go for a short scramble in July long weekend.
Wind Mountain - Kananaskis Country (Highway 40)

Wind Mountain


Wind Mountain AKA Mount Lougheed 4th peak with COC. It's a long approach but it's beautiful. Highly recommended.
Yates Mountain - Kananaskis Country (Highway 40)

Yates Mountain


Visiting Yates Mountain AKA Barrier Lake Lookout. After a rough week in the mountains, even this snow less area got some snow.
Yates Mountain 14 - Kananaskis Country (Highway 40)

Yates Mountain 14


No matter how cold it is, there are always some folks still wants to go out. FYI I am not insane. I was dragged out to Yates Mountain.