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Mount Athabasca - Jasper National Park

Mount Athabasca


Every time I came to Columbia Icefield, I always said it to myself, someday. Finally I have done Mount Athabasca. Such a good looking peak.
Brazeau to Valad  to Henry Macleod - Jasper National Park

Brazeau to Valad to Henry Macleod


Three peaks traverse from Mount Brazeau to Valad Peak to Mount Henry Macleod on the thrid day of backpacking trip on Sept long weekend.
Mount Cline - Alberta

Mount Cline


My first 11,000er of the year (humm that is little sad…) I went Mount Cline with ACC + others without knowing it was ACC…
Diadem Peak - Jasper National Park

Diadem Peak


With CSMC, I attempted Mount Woolley and Diadem Peak. Couldn't get to Woolley but I still had lots of fun. It was beautiful.
Mount Edith Cavell - Jasper National Park

Mount Edith Cavell


You may not know Edith Cavell by the peak name but this is a famous spot in the Rockies where Angel Glacier is.
Mount Harrison - Invermere

Mount Harrison


Long drive to BC, near Invermere. Mount Harrison, the most southerly 11,000er of the Canadian Rockies with CSMC.
Mount Hector - Banff National Park (Icefields Parkway)

Mount Hector


I skipped Little Hector and went for Mount Hector ski ascent with CSMC. Over 3300 m is my first time since Mount Ball in last summer.
Mount Joffre Attempt - Kananaskis Country (Kananaskis Lakes)

Mount Joffre Attempt


Under uncertain weather, we headed out to Aster Lake area. Our primary objective was Mount Joffre but due to the bad weather…
Mount Lefroy - Yoho National Park

Mount Lefroy


What a memorable day this trip turned out to be. We were so lucky that we could summit the Mount Lefroy with the conditions we had.
Mount Temple 09 - Banff National Park (Lake Louise)

Mount Temple 09


Some refers this as the Everest of the Canadian Rockies. Most likely this mountain is the tallest mountain without technical climb in the Rockies.
Mount Temple Attempt - Banff National Park (Lake Louise)

Mount Temple Attempt


The third tallest mountain in Southern Canadian Rocky Mountain, Mount Temple.
Mount Victoria - Yoho National Park

Mount Victoria


Back to Mount Victoria. Unlike the pervious attempt, the condition was our friend. I wish I didn't forget my memory card for camera…
Mount Warren - Jasper National Park

Mount Warren


The best peak among the 4 peaks we summit in this weekend at Brazeau Icefield. This "Is it really 11,000er?" peak was everyone's favorite.
Mount Willingdon - Banff National Park (Icefields Parkway)

Mount Willingdon


Shameful shameful, I couldn't reach the summit of Mount Willingdon. Oh well least it's a pretty place to go visit.