Cowboy Trail (Highway 22) - Alberta, Canada
Coffin Mountain - Cowboy Trail (Highway 22)

Coffin Mountain


For a funny reason, I soloed Coffin Mountain in just south of Kananaskis Country. The long view from Crowsnest to Mist Mountain was quite a thing to see.
Coffin Mountain & Mount Livingstone - Cowboy Trail (Highway 22)

Coffin Mountain & Mount Livingstone


Change of plan due to condtions and my buddies and I went to Coffin Mountain and Mount Livingstone. Livingstone was on my to do list and I can now check it off.
Hailstone Butte - Cowboy Trail (Highway 22)

Hailstone Butte


On the way back from Crowsnest Pass, I went to Hailstone Butte which I thought spells "butt" until I looked up map.
Pasque Mountain - Cowboy Trail (Highway 22)

Pasque Mountain


The last hike with Mark, the boss. Before he goes back to UK, we chose to go one last hike at Pasque Mountain and its ridge which sit right on the south boundary of Kananaskis Country.
South End of Livingstone Range - Cowboy Trail (Highway 22)

South End of Livingstone Range


Livingstone Range which extends 90 km. I went to the South end of it which is in Crowsnet Pass.
Thunder Mountain - Cowboy Trail (Highway 22)

Thunder Mountain


The last hike in 2010 was my 100th day in the Rockies in 2010. I hope next year will be as good year as 2010 was.
Tornado Mountain - Cowboy Trail (Highway 22)

Tornado Mountain


Since I discover this peak by looking Topo map, I wanted to do this just because it had a cool name. With Raff and Eric, we got up the summit.
Windy Peak Hills - Cowboy Trail (Highway 22)

Windy Peak Hills


Two weeks in a row, Kevin and I went to Windy Peak Hills, just out side of Kananaskis' south boundary.
Windy Peak to Saddle Mountain - Cowboy Trail (Highway 22)

Windy Peak to Saddle Mountain


Back to back in Livingstone area. This time, the aim was Windy Peak to Saddle Mountain. Snow after a spring storm made hike much more harder but at the end of the day, my friends and I made both peaks.