Crowsnest Pass - Alberta, Canada
Andy Good Peak - Crowsnest Pass

Andy Good Peak


Flathead Range is Crowsnest's gem. Backpacking this area, and summiting Andy Good Peak was such a enjoyable trip.
Andy Good Plateau - Crowsnest Pass

Andy Good Plateau


Still from Ptolemy Plateau backpacking trip. Hiked to Andy Good Plateau and Gargantua Cave from the camp site.
Bluff Mountain - Crowsnest Pass

Bluff Mountain


Mountain that offers a superior view in the middle of ascent than at the peak.
Chinook Peak - Crowsnest Pass

Chinook Peak


Four years after my initial scout on Chinook Peak southwest slope route, I finally came back to summit it.
Chinook Peak Attempt - Crowsnest Pass

Chinook Peak Attempt


I estimated Rockies got a foot of snow but there were far more than that. Perhaps there was enough snow to cause avalanches at Flathead Range.
Mount Coulthard - Crowsnest Pass

Mount Coulthard


The last revisit peak which I haven't covered in my website in Crowsnest area. I had to wander to be sure that I summited the tallest peak of Mount Coulthard.
Crowsnest Mountain - Crowsnest Pass

Crowsnest Mountain


Back to Crowsnest Mountain in more than 10 years after the last time I went there. Nice to hike the familiar mountain.
Dakota Plane Crash - Crowsnest Pass

Dakota Plane Crash


Famous plane crash site near Crowsnest Pass. I have been there 12 years ago, but never been there by bike.
Deadman Pass Peak - Crowsnest Pass

Deadman Pass Peak


Unnamed peak in Crowsnest Pass. Even though no one goes up there, the peak can be seen from highway.
GR805317 Attempt - Crowsnest Pass

GR805317 Attempt


I cannot believe how stupid I was not brining my snowshoes… My second attempt to Phillipps Peak was complete failure.
McGillivray Ridge to Ma Butte - Crowsnest Pass

McGillivray Ridge to Ma Butte


Well hidden spot even from CNP locals. McGillivray and Ma Butte was very enjoyable grassy ridgewalk.
Ostracized Peak to Sentry Mountain - Crowsnest Pass

Ostracized Peak to Sentry Mountain


Visiting my family in Crowsnest and of course my girlfriends, peaks!! I went Sentry Mountain and unnamed peak at GR710966.
Phillipps Peak Attempt - Crowsnest Pass

Phillipps Peak Attempt


Me loving winter mountains, I was going to go to Mount Tecumseh, but as soon as I saw how much snow on Phillipps Peak, I changed my direction and attempted to summit Phillipps.
Ptolemy Plateau - Crowsnest Pass

Ptolemy Plateau


Backpacking to behind the familiar mountains in Coleman, Ptolemy Plateau. Such a beautiful place, it became my favorite backpacking spot.
Saskatoon Mountain - Crowsnest Pass

Saskatoon Mountain


With my misfortune, I had to gave up my original plan and settled with a small small peak called Saskatoon Mountain.
Mount Tecumseh - Crowsnest Pass

Mount Tecumseh


The last peak in Kane's Crowsnest section, Mount Tecumseh. This peak was short and quite straight forward approach.
Turtle Mountain - Crowsnest Pass

Turtle Mountain


Summer is coming and starting off this hiking season with Turtle Mountain is way to go. Since this is one of my most experienced mountain.
Turtle Mountain 09 - Crowsnest Pass

Turtle Mountain 09


Back to Turtle Mountain again. Have to do this one while the mountain is still there. Who knows when it moves away. Least that what some say.
Turtle Mountain 10 - Crowsnest Pass

Turtle Mountain 10


I had a different plan for the day but I ended up scrambling up Turtle Mountain for the… how may times? I think I should be thankful for another successful ascent.
Upper Lynx Creek - Crowsnest Pass

Upper Lynx Creek


Attempted to hike Mount Coulthard from unknown route, and I failed but it was still nice hike.
Mount Ward - Crowsnest Pass

Mount Ward


Highlight of 2009 spring hike. The view from the snow covered summit of Mount Ward was rewarding.
Window Mountain Lake - Crowsnest Pass

Window Mountain Lake


We switched campground to Window Mountain Lake. It wasn't planed, but was nice to go back to where I have been before. Brings up old memories.
Window Mountain to Allison Peak - Crowsnest Pass

Window Mountain to Allison Peak


Back to the window of Window Mountain. Then new stuff for me, Window summit, Allison Peak and unnamed ridges. Then old stuff, getting lost at Window Mountain Lake… Not again…