Ibycus Topo (www.ibycus.com)
ibycus map sample Ibycus Topo is created by Dale Atkin and can be downloaded by Torrent client software. This is superb topo map for Garmin devices. I believe this one is made from government's map. Yes this is the map I use in this website for trip reports. However it's 3.1GB size and you need to know how to download with torrent (no longer direct download available) and how to use .iso file to install it. Unless you are computer genius like me, it's hard to use this awesome map.

The major differences between Garmin's Topo and Ibycus's Topo are:
• It's free!!
• Shows treeline
• No route calculation data which means you cannot use automatic routing function if your device supports it. (Like turn by turn routing on roads)
Ibycus Topo, The Rockies & Columbia Mountains
ibycus mtn region So I decided to make a subset of Ibycus map for mountain lovers. This subset contains the Rockies and Columbia Mountians and the size of the file is down to 122MB. Unfortunately I only made Window's version. I have tested with Vista (64bit) and XP (32bit) machines and worked fine. Use the map at your own risk. I may help you if I feel like it. License stuff is inherited from Ibycus. It's still his credit and his map, not mine.

You can see covered region with this subset by clicking on the image on the left. Also you can see sample map by clicking on the image above in Tbycus Topo section.

To Install:
1) Download the installer from here.
2) Double click IbycusTopoMtnsSetup.exe. This will start installer and follow the process.
(If you have problem installing the map especially for Basecamp, please try to run the IbycusTopoMtnsSetup.exe as administrator. In order to do that simply right click IbycusTopoMtnsSetup.exe and select "Run as administrator" option, then proceed step 2.)
3) Open Garmin Mapsource or Basecamp, you should see the new map installed.

To uninstall:
Go to folder where you have installed the map, and double click uninstaller.exe or open Control Panel --> Add or Remove Programs with XP, Control Panel --> Programs and Feature with Vista & 7.
Southern Alberta Trail Map (albertatrailmaps.ca)
Southern AB trail map sample Lots of trails are embedded in the map. Periodically new trails are added as well.
With Garmin devices, I belive you can overlay with other maps such as Ibycus Topo, so that you can see trails in this map with topo lines.
Quad Squad (www.quadsquad.ca)
quad squad sample This is map for quads but we can still use these trails for biking and hiking. Especially useful down south where many trails aren't covered in too many hiking books.
With Garmin devices, I belive you can overlay with other maps such as Ibycus Topo, so that you can see trails in this map with topo lines.
Montana Topo Map (www.miscjunk.org)
montana topo sample An excellent free topo map for Montana for thoes of you thinking to go visit Glacier National Park in US. They also have other regions such as Arizona, Colorado, etc if you are interested.