Yoho National Park - British Columbia, Canada
Abbot Pass Hut - Yoho National Park

Abbot Pass Hut


We couldn't attempt Mount Victoria south due to the weather, so we were stuck inside Abbot Pass Hut for the weekend.
Mount Bosworth - Yoho National Park

Mount Bosworth


Mount Bosworth wasn't so much worth. Its approach was short, but it was not pleasant. However we enjoyed scramble part of this peak.
Mount Carnarvon - Yoho National Park

Mount Carnarvon


Big, good looking, scenic, full of challenging scrambling. My opinion, Mount Carnarvon is must if you enjoy difficult scrambling.
Cathedral Mountain - Yoho National Park

Cathedral Mountain


Overnight bivy trip to Cathedral Mountain, AKA the best of the bests. Surely going up in sunrise time made this one even more special.
Emerald Peak - Yoho National Park

Emerald Peak


I had the perfect weather for a superb summit. Emerald Peak in Yoho did not disapoint me at all. I highly recommend this peak.
Hamilton Lake - Yoho National Park

Hamilton Lake


Another trip to Hamilton Lake. This time by snowshoeing. As always going up in BC side requires a lot of going up.
Mount Lefroy - Yoho National Park

Mount Lefroy


What a memorable day this trip turned out to be. We were so lucky that we could summit the Mount Lefroy with the conditions we had.
Narao Peak - Yoho National Park

Narao Peak


Return to Narao. Last time was in winter and I had a doubt making all the way to the summit. This time I made it to the summit.
Narao Peak Attempt - Yoho National Park

Narao Peak Attempt


Inspired by previous week's ski trip, I came back to Narao Peak. However this time I aimed the summit. This was one of my favorite winter scrambles so far.
Mount Niles - Yoho National Park

Mount Niles


A long day, a long approach but spectacular view from the top of Mount Niles in Yoho. I love watching glacier and icefield from high ground.
Mount Ogden - Yoho National Park

Mount Ogden


Little more difficult than my guess, Mount Ogden was surely a challenging peak just like its neighbor Wapta Mountain.
Mount Owen - Yoho National Park

Mount Owen


Mount Owen is not commonly visited. Perhaps hardly ever visited. This peak offers so many views of popular peaks around.
Paget Peak - Yoho National Park

Paget Peak


Joined up with Calgary Scrambling and Mountaineering Club. It was my first trip with them and the first hike in Yoho National Park as well.
Ski at Narao Peak - Yoho National Park

Ski at Narao Peak


Another cold and dull winter day. Because of that we had to change our plan. I guess I shouldn't be complaining as long as I can get out.
Mount Victoria - Yoho National Park

Mount Victoria


Back to Mount Victoria. Unlike the pervious attempt, the condition was our friend. I wish I didn't forget my memory card for camera…
Wapta Mountain - Yoho National Park

Wapta Mountain


The best peak from the August long weekend scrambles. It's been a while I felt challenged by on-route crux at Wapta Mountain in Yoho.
Wiwaxy East Peak - Yoho National Park

Wiwaxy East Peak


Peaks around Lake O'Hara never disappoints me. Wiwaxy East Peak is another peak with superb view.
Yukness Mountain - Yoho National Park

Yukness Mountain


One of these must visit place, Lake O'Hara. We were so lucky to have the perfect weather to enjoy O'Hara and Yukness Mountain.