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Mount Rowe - Waterton Lakes National Park

Mount Rowe


I don't know what is wrong with people who stay up late on New Year's Eve. Aren't you supposed to go bed early for New Year's Hike? Well that what I did. Mount Rowe in Waterton was my first hike in 2010!
Mount Lineham - Waterton Lakes National Park

Mount Lineham


I don't know what is wrong with people who stay up late on weekends. Aren't you supposed to go bed early for weekend Hikes? Well that what I did. Mount Lineham was my second hike in 2010!
King Creek Ridge - Kananaskis Country (Highway 40)

King Creek Ridge


An intermediate hike at King Creek Ridge near Kananaskis Lakes. More snow on top of the ridge than bottom, we took our time to get up and enjoyed the great view.
North Buller Pass Peak Attempt (Red Peak) - Kananaskis Country (Highway 742)

North Buller Pass Peak Attempt (Red Peak)


The 4th hike of 2010 and the first failure of 2010. We tried to go to North Buller Pass Peak but we ended up just east of Mount Buller summit.
Burstall Pass Peak - Kananaskis Country (Highway 742)

Burstall Pass Peak


I am pretty sure it is not only me who love snow mountains and meadows (at least to look at). Burstall Pass was the perfect place to experience such "winter" feeling.
North Kent Outlier - Kananaskis Country (Highway 742)

North Kent Outlier


A short hike at North Kent Outlier. I could take a good view of Kent Ridge for a future trip maybe. Fairly a long distance above treeline would have given a great view if weather was nicer.
Mount Nestor Attempt - Kananaskis Country (Highway 742)

Mount Nestor Attempt


A long and hard ascent at Mount Nestor. We almost made it to the peak but not quite. The snow covered summit ridge shut us down. Not quite success, but not quite failure neither hummm…
Mount Fortune to Fortulent Peaks - Kananaskis Country (Highway 742)

Mount Fortune to Fortulent Peaks


Journey to gather all the fortune to win a lottery. After years of research, I found an ancient treasure map kept hidden for centuries which I found at MEC. "M M M Mount Fortune? It must be IT!!" I thought.
Fisera Ridge to Mount Collembola - Kananaskis Country (Highway 40)

Fisera Ridge to Mount Collembola


We didn't follow the route we planed but that extra distance and extra time became extra scenery and extra joy. We made a use of a lovely day at Mount Collembola.
Little More McDougall - Kananaskis Country (Highway 40)

Little More McDougall


I was literally wandering in mountains by myself without knowing where I was going. I ended up on a small unnamed peak which I nicknamed "Little More McDougall".
Mount Cory - Banff National Park (Townsite)

Mount Cory


Winter scramble rocks even though it is so much harder than doing it in summer. This scramble at Mount Cory only proved my point. Love it!
Mount Lawrence Grassi - Canmore

Mount Lawrence Grassi


It was the day to summit Mount Lawrence Grassi which isn't too attractive for me. Use a cloudy day and didn't have to crave for the view of Canmore was a perfectly calculated trip plan.
Commonwealth Ridge - Kananaskis Country (Highway 742)

Commonwealth Ridge


WOW. One word to describe this scramble especially I wasn't too interested in this one before the hike. It was like enjoying watching an unexpectedly great movie.
Mount Burke - Kananaskis Country (South)

Mount Burke


Hike with CORE (Calgary Outdoor Recreation Association). We went Mount Burke. Despite of little detour we had, we made it to the summit.
The Turret - Kananaskis Country (Kananaskis Lakes)

The Turret


Solo hike to The Turret just south of Kananaskis Lakes. Weather was just OK but still nice to get out and capture another peak!
Wilcox Pass - Jasper National Park

Wilcox Pass


The first day of two day over night trip. We went Wilcox Pass to enjoy the Canadian Rockies' 11000 footers at Columbia Icefield.
Crystal Ridge 10 - Banff National Park (Icefields Parkway)

Crystal Ridge 10


The second day of two day over night trip. This time we went to "Crystal Ridge", ridge just south of Cirque Peak in Icefields Parkway.
Wendell Mountain Attempt - Canmore

Wendell Mountain Attempt


We attemped to summit Wendell Mountain just north of Mount Yamnuska, but appearently no one knew what we were doing…
Forum Peak to Akamina Ridge - Waterton Lakes National Park

Forum Peak to Akamina Ridge


I went to Forum Peak to Akamina Ridge in Waterton National Park. It was my first time to see mountains in Glacier National Park in USA and I was stunned.
Molar Pass South - Banff National Park (Icefields Parkway)

Molar Pass South


Being sick for a week, I couldn't afford to do anything serious, still I managed to go to Icefields and enjoyed snowshoeing at Molar Pass.
Bow Glacier Falls - Banff National Park (Icefields Parkway)

Bow Glacier Falls


I only had a half day but I made full use of it. This short trail to Bow Glacier Falls in Icefields Parkway, I thought it's nice one for a short hike.
Heart Mountain to Twin Towers - Canmore

Heart Mountain to Twin Towers


Despite of false information about difficulty of Twin Towers, I managed to crack this bad boy. Actually because it was difficult, I enjoyed more.
2010 Winter

2010 Winter


It was such a warm and dry winter this year, totally opposite from what it was like last winter. Having weather like this, I had many opportunities to go to mountains, but this episode is everything but hiking.
Phillipps Peak Attempt - Crowsnest Pass

Phillipps Peak Attempt


Me loving winter mountains, I was going to go to Mount Tecumseh, but as soon as I saw how much snow on Phillipps Peak, I changed my direction and attempted to summit Phillipps.
Wendell True & East Peak - Canmore

Wendell True & East Peak


Doing Wendell Mountain and East Peak of Wendell in the same day was a lot of everything. More unpleasant things than pleasant things…
Midnight Peak to Midday Peak - Kananaskis Country (Highway 40)

Midnight Peak to Midday Peak


I finally gave up winter scrambling and I was looking for dry condtion, instead I got dump of snow!! Maybe it was one last winter scramble at Midnight Peak and Midday Peak.
Coffin Mountain & Mount Livingstone - Cowboy Trail (Highway 22)

Coffin Mountain & Mount Livingstone


Change of plan due to condtions and my buddies and I went to Coffin Mountain and Mount Livingstone. Livingstone was on my to do list and I can now check it off.
Scrambling with Mark Evans

Scrambling with Mark Evans


Good or bad, meeting Mark changed the way I scramble. He was the one responsible for opening my Pandora's box!!
Grizzly Peak Attempt 3 - Kananaskis Country (Highway 40)

Grizzly Peak Attempt 3


Not again!! I failed to summit Grizzly for the third time… I guess I just don't have any luck with Grizzly. Damn it!! Damn it!! Damn it!!
Windy Peak to Saddle Mountain - Cowboy Trail (Highway 22)

Windy Peak to Saddle Mountain


Back to back in Livingstone area. This time, the aim was Windy Peak to Saddle Mountain. Snow after a spring storm made hike much more harder but at the end of the day, my friends and I made both peaks.
Floe Lake - Kootenay National Park

Floe Lake


One place I wanted to see for a long time, the Rockwall in Kootenay. I chose to take Floe Lake trail. Sure it was quiet this time around, no skiers or no hikers. It was all mine.
Kindersley Peaks - Kootenay National Park

Kindersley Peaks


The start of the may long weekend, I decided to invade into BC. So I started with "Kindersley Peaks" in Kootenay National Park.
Mount Goldie - Invermere

Mount Goldie


My first time visiting Radium, BC. My first time hiking in the Columbia Mountains. Mount Goldie was a nice introduction of the area.
The Judge - Invermere

The Judge


View from the summit of The Judge offers so many peaks including 11,000ers of the Rockies and glaciers of the Columbia Mountains.
Victoria Peak to Victoria Ridge - Castle-Crown Wildness

Victoria Peak to Victoria Ridge


The longest ridge walk I'd ever had. From Victoria Peak to Victoria Ridge to south half of Pincher Ridge. Ridge top alone I probably hiked 18 km.
Vermilion Peak - Kootenay National Park

Vermilion Peak


Vermilion Peak in Kootenay National Park. I have been thinking of doing this peak for a while, I finally got people to do this together.
Mount St. Piran - Banff National Park (Lake Louise)

Mount St. Piran


Still it is early season for scramble but not for tourism. Lake Louise was full of tourists, but we occupied the summit of Mount St. Piran just fine.
Mount Kidd - Kananaskis Country (Highway 40)

Mount Kidd


Popular peak in Kananaskis, Mount Kidd. I have done south but this time I went for the true summit. This trip was the most epical trip I had in my life.
Highwood Ridge - Kananaskis Country (South)

Highwood Ridge


The winter gate is open, and I had to come back to Highwood. The highest point of Highwood Ridge is little compared to surrounding peaks but still it's over 2700m high.
Pyramid Mountain - Jasper National Park

Pyramid Mountain


My first time scrambling in Jasper. This trip was Vern Dewit's ambitious plan, Pyramid Mountain & Cinquefoil Mountain in the same day trip.
Cinquefoil Mountain - Jasper National Park

Cinquefoil Mountain


After completing Pyramid Mountain, we hasted to Cinquefoil, "the long, lazy ridge" for the 2nd peak of the day.
Utopia Mountain - Jasper National Park

Utopia Mountain


One mountain I wanted to do just because I think the name Utopia Mountain is so cool. This ends the Jasper 3 peaks in 2 day trip.
Ptarmigan Peak - Banff National Park (Skoki)

Ptarmigan Peak


The first day of four day backpacking trip in Skoki. We picked the closest peak from our campground, Ptarmigan Peak.
Hidden Lake to Ptarmigan Lake - Banff National Park (Skoki)

Hidden Lake to Ptarmigan Lake


While my friends were still sleeping, I decided to go to a morning hike around Hidden Lake campground, taking advantage of backpacking trip!!
Packer's Little Peak - Banff National Park (Skoki)

Packer's Little Peak


I got the best weather from the entire trip with this short evening hike near Ptarmigan Lake. I hiked up unnamed little peak at GR646054.
Brachiopod to Anthozoan to Heather - Banff National Park (Skoki)

Brachiopod to Anthozoan to Heather


The 3rd day of Skoki backpacking trip. Andrea and I went for 3 ridge day. Brachiopod Mountain, Anthozoan Mountain, and Heather Ridge.
Fossil Mountain - Banff National Park (Skoki)

Fossil Mountain


The last day of backpacking trip, weather was the worst but we still managed to summit Fossil Mountain to end the long weekend.
Serendipity Peak to Patterson's Peak - Kananaskis Country (South)

Serendipity Peak to Patterson's Peak


Bad weather, boring and long approach, lack of exciting scramble, but somehow still I enjoyed traverse of Serendipity Peak to Patterson's Peak.
Mount Galatea - Kananaskis Country (Highway 742)

Mount Galatea


My second scramble trip with COC. Mount Galatea is one of my favorite. Hiking from Chester Lake to Three Lakes Valley was spiritually healing experience.
Cougar Mountain - Kananaskis Country (Highway 66/68)

Cougar Mountain


Got a day off and went to Cougar Mountain in Kananaskis. Bike approach and bit of scramble were worth taking day off!! I should ask for a year off next time.
Yukness Mountain - Yoho National Park

Yukness Mountain


One of these must visit place, Lake O'Hara. We were so lucky to have the perfect weather to enjoy O'Hara and Yukness Mountain.
Mount Carnarvon - Yoho National Park

Mount Carnarvon


Big, good looking, scenic, full of challenging scrambling. My opinion, Mount Carnarvon is must if you enjoy difficult scrambling.
Gravenstafel Ridge to Mount Haig - Castle-Crown Wildness

Gravenstafel Ridge to Mount Haig


13 years of waiting is finally over!! Now I can say "I have done Mount Haig!" What a way to celebrate my 18th birthday week scramble.
Window Mountain to Allison Peak - Crowsnest Pass

Window Mountain to Allison Peak


Back to the window of Window Mountain. Then new stuff for me, Window summit, Allison Peak and unnamed ridges. Then old stuff, getting lost at Window Mountain Lake… Not again…
Spring to Summer

Spring to Summer


My daily life stuff from spring to summer of 2010… Mostly showing off my new stuff lol… and some mountain pictures.
Mount Bosworth - Yoho National Park

Mount Bosworth


Mount Bosworth wasn't so much worth. Its approach was short, but it was not pleasant. However we enjoyed scramble part of this peak.
Wapta Mountain - Yoho National Park

Wapta Mountain


The best peak from the August long weekend scrambles. It's been a while I felt challenged by on-route crux at Wapta Mountain in Yoho.
Sheol Mountain - Banff National Park (Lake Louise)

Sheol Mountain


We made 2 mistakes and navigated ourselves to wrong places, nonetheless we were successfully made the summit of Sheol Mountain.
Isabelle Peak - Kootenay National Park

Isabelle Peak


Weather was supposed to be far nicer but it turned out to be a cold day in August. Nonetheless we had fun and successful ascent to Isabelle Peak.
Climbing at Grassi Lakes - Canmore

Climbing at Grassi Lakes


First time in 14 years, I went outdoor climbing. My buddy Shaun taught me a lot of climbing stuff I needed to learn. And I only died once!!
Mount Ball to Beatrice Peak - Kootenay National Park

Mount Ball to Beatrice Peak


Mount Ball is another one of my favorites!! Camping at alpine meadow made this trip even more enjoyable. Ignore all the horrifying stories of bushwhacking and pack your backpack to Ball!
Stanley Peak - Kootenay National Park

Stanley Peak


The last peak of 3 peaks weekend. We summited Stanley Peak with a different route (moderate route) from Kane's description.
The Tower - Kananaskis Country (Highway 742)

The Tower


Finally the time had came for redemption. After one failed attempt in 2008, I came back to conquer The Tower!! Despite of successful ascent, I still got my butt kicked...
Wind Ridge - Canmore

Wind Ridge


I took advantage of a half day hike at Wind Ridge near Canmore. Early morning clouds made the scenery very drastic. I had a good short hiking.
Trail to Assiniboine - Mount Assiniboine Provincial Park

Trail to Assiniboine


Like everyone else, I wanted this trip for so long finally I got to see Mount Assiniboine in close distance. We hiked in via scenic Citadel Pass from Sunshine Village.
Nub Peak - Mount Assiniboine Provincial Park

Nub Peak


Our first hike in Assiniboine area, we decided to go to Nub Peak. As I have seen from other people's picture, the view from Nub Peak was superb.
Sunburst Peaks - Mount Assiniboine Provincial Park

Sunburst Peaks


The second hike of the day. Sunburst Peaks offer another spectacular view of Mount Assiniboine and glacier. I defiantly recommend this!
Mount Cautley to Wonder Peak - Mount Assiniboine Provincial Park

Mount Cautley to Wonder Peak


A long ridge walk traversing from Mount Cautley to Wonder Peak. We had full day of beautiful blue sky to enjoy the view and weather.
The Towers - Mount Assiniboine Provincial Park

The Towers


The last day at Assiniboine. After a careful observation from Wonder Peak previous day, we find a way to the summit of The Towers. We also explored more area after The Towers.
Jumpingpound Mountain - Kananaskis Country (Highway 66/68)

Jumpingpound Mountain


Finally the first opportunity to go mountain biking instead of scrambling in 2010. I went to Jumpingpound Mountain to enjoy crash!!
Mount Rae 2010 - Kananaskis Country (South)

Mount Rae 2010


No matter what happened at Mount Rae, at least I know my parents are still proud of me… I think. I hope… Are they? Maybe I should call them and ask…
Buller Pass Circuit - Kananaskis Country (Highway 742)

Buller Pass Circuit


After one miserably failed attempt in winter, I decided to go back to Red Peak (North Buller Pass Peak) again in summer condition with Shaun.
Mount Carthew - Waterton Lakes National Park

Mount Carthew


Runing away from snow and came back to summer in Waterton National Park. Mount Carthew was my to do list for quite a long time.
Panorama Ridge - Banff National Park (Lake Louise)

Panorama Ridge


Solo hike at Panorama Ridge in Lake Louise area. I have to admit that It was far better than I anticipated. Small effort, great view of Quadra Mountain and glacier.
Mount Lougheed Attempt - Kananaskis Country (Highway 742)

Mount Lougheed Attempt


Return to Mount Lougheed in a solid rainy day. It was cold, wet, and unpleasant. But all for one reason, my quest to go over cloud!!
Limestone Mountain - Kananaskis Country (Highway 40)

Limestone Mountain


Another day in mountain. This time I went to Limestone Mountain with COC. I have to admit this wasn't too exciting but at least I got fun with off-route scrambling.
Mount Lawson - Kananaskis Country (Highway 40)

Mount Lawson


Ever since I saw Ferenc's pictures from May ascent, I wanted to do this in somewhat snow condition, but I gave up that and went for it in somewhat dry condition.
Gap Peak to Mount Fable - Canmore

Gap Peak to Mount Fable


A long ridge traverse from Gap Peak to Mount Fable in near Canmore. It didn't take as long as I thought it would. It was great warm day for October.
Mount Coulthard - Crowsnest Pass

Mount Coulthard


The last revisit peak which I haven't covered in my website in Crowsnest area. I had to wander to be sure that I summited the tallest peak of Mount Coulthard.
Hailstone Butte - Cowboy Trail (Highway 22)

Hailstone Butte


On the way back from Crowsnest Pass, I went to Hailstone Butte which I thought spells "butt" until I looked up map.
Gusty Peak - Kananaskis Country (Highway 742)

Gusty Peak


The second scramble with Calgary Scrambling and Mountaineering Club. We went to Gusty Peak in Kananaskis Country.
Opal Ridge Half Traverse - Kananaskis Country (Highway 40)

Opal Ridge Half Traverse


Another scramble with Calgary Scrambling and Mountaineering Club. We attempted Opal Ridge traverse. Even though we only completed half, I was very satisfied.
Mount Sparrowhawk 10 - Kananaskis Country (Highway 742)

Mount Sparrowhawk 10


3 times in 3 years in a row. I was once again at the top of Mount Sparrowhawk but this time it wasn't because of my choice but I was forced to join COC event.
Mount Niles - Yoho National Park

Mount Niles


A long day, a long approach but spectacular view from the top of Mount Niles in Yoho. I love watching glacier and icefield from high ground.
Little Arethusa & Storethusa Ridge - Kananaskis Country (South)

Little Arethusa & Storethusa Ridge


Two peaks day in Highwood. Little Arethusa and Storethusa Ridge both offered me such a great views with little effort to get to the summit.
Saddle Mountain (Banff) - Banff National Park (Lake Louise)

Saddle Mountain (Banff)


Short hike at Lake Louise area. Due to winter road closure I had to change my plan. Saddle Mountain was the perfect pick for me. I came back just in time.
Mount Brewster - Banff National Park (Townsite)

Mount Brewster


Solo scramble to Mount Brewster which locates north of Mount Cory near Banff town. No info I could find for this one so I had to find my own route.
Lakeview Ridge SE Peak - Waterton Lakes National Park

Lakeview Ridge SE Peak


Unplanned trip to Waterton after I took care of my personal stuff. I couldn't resist to use 3 hours to do a SE peak of Lakeview Ridge.
GR576724 Attempt - Kootenay National Park

GR576724 Attempt


I was looking for a great view and decided to attempt GR576724. I guessed route by looking at topo map and it would have worked only if it was dry condition…
Kent Ridge North Summit - Kananaskis Country (Highway 742)

Kent Ridge North Summit


Weather wasn't preferable but so what I went to Kent Ridge North Summit with CORA. Is this peak actually taller than Mount Kent?
Goat Pond South Peak - Kananaskis Country (Highway 742)

Goat Pond South Peak


Solo hike to an unnamed peak at GR099515 west of Big Sister near Canmore. Strong wind and overcast weather wasn't fun but still nice to get out.
Grizzly Peak - Kananaskis Country (Highway 40)

Grizzly Peak


Finally… finally finally finally I stood at the top of Grizzly Peak after 3 failed attempts. Now I can sleep in peace.
St. Eloi Mountain - Castle-Crown Wildness

St. Eloi Mountain


I wanted to do at least one more peak in The Castle area before the year ends. My pick was St. Eloi Mountain near Castle Ski Resort.
Turtle Mountain 10 - Crowsnest Pass

Turtle Mountain 10


I had a different plan for the day but I ended up scrambling up Turtle Mountain for the… how may times? I think I should be thankful for another successful ascent.
Read's Tower - Kananaskis Country (Highway 742)

Read's Tower


What a day I had at Read's Tower in Kananaskis. After 6 consecutive dull weather, I certainly deserve this beautiful blue sky and low cloud.
Mount Chesmill - Kananaskis Country (Highway 742)

Mount Chesmill


Unnamed peak I had an eye on for a year. 'Mount Chesmill' I nicknamed at GR239274 offered far better view than I anticipated.
Pocaterra Ridge South Peak - Kananaskis Country (South)

Pocaterra Ridge South Peak


My first time trying AT ski. I picked an easy peak, south peak of Pocaterra Ridge to get feeling of what AT skiing is about.
Windtower - Kananaskis Country (Highway 742)



My 100th successful peak ascents of 2010. More technical with snow condition and late start hurt us little but in return we had beautiful sunset.
Burstall Pass - Kananaskis Country (Highway 742)

Burstall Pass


Skiing at Burstall Pass. Snow wasn't quite deep enough but still we had few runs to enjoy. It was a good backcountry skiing practice for me.
Healy Pass - Banff National Park (Townsite)

Healy Pass


It wasn't the best trip I had this year and weather wasn't present but still went out and had fun backcountry skiing at Healy Pass in Banff.
East Ridge of Panorama Ridge - Banff National Park

East Ridge of Panorama Ridge


Return to Panorama Ridge but this time it's east ridge. Under cold near -30, we still went for it and yup beautiful sunlight and blue sky made this so enjoyable.
Buller Creek Peaks - Kananaskis Country (Highway 742)

Buller Creek Peaks


I had wow moment at the summit of unnamed peak, "Buller Creek Peaks". Late start really made the scenery beautiful as sun was slowly setting.
Rest of 2010

Rest of 2010


Rest of little things happened in 2010 which weren't big enough to be a whole episode.
Thunder Mountain - Cowboy Trail (Highway 22)

Thunder Mountain


The last hike in 2010 was my 100th day in the Rockies in 2010. I hope next year will be as good year as 2010 was.
2010 Christmas

2010 Christmas


It's this time again. Times goes so fast but I won't complain. Who doesn't like holidays anyway?