G R E A T  D I V I D E
Forum Peak to Akamina Ridge - Waterton Lakes National Park

Forum Peak to Akamina Ridge


I went to Forum Peak to Akamina Ridge in Waterton National Park. It was my first time to see mountains in Glacier National Park in USA and I was stunned.
Gravenstafel Ridge to Mount Haig - Castle-Crown Wildness

Gravenstafel Ridge to Mount Haig


13 years of waiting is finally over!! Now I can say "I have done Mount Haig!" What a way to celebrate my 18th birthday week scramble.
St. Eloi Mountain - Castle-Crown Wildness

St. Eloi Mountain


I wanted to do at least one more peak in The Castle area before the year ends. My pick was St. Eloi Mountain near Castle Ski Resort.
Mount Coulthard - Crowsnest Pass

Mount Coulthard


The last revisit peak which I haven't covered in my website in Crowsnest area. I had to wander to be sure that I summited the tallest peak of Mount Coulthard.
Andy Good Plateau - Crowsnest Pass

Andy Good Plateau


Still from Ptolemy Plateau backpacking trip. Hiked to Andy Good Plateau and Gargantua Cave from the camp site.
Window Mountain to Allison Peak - Crowsnest Pass

Window Mountain to Allison Peak


Back to the window of Window Mountain. Then new stuff for me, Window summit, Allison Peak and unnamed ridges. Then old stuff, getting lost at Window Mountain Lake… Not again…
Window Mountain Lake - Crowsnest Pass

Window Mountain Lake


We switched campground to Window Mountain Lake. It wasn't planed, but was nice to go back to where I have been before. Brings up old memories.
Tornado Mountain - Cowboy Trail (Highway 22)

Tornado Mountain


Since I discover this peak by looking Topo map, I wanted to do this just because it had a cool name. With Raff and Eric, we got up the summit.
Phillipps Peak Attempt - Crowsnest Pass

Phillipps Peak Attempt


Me loving winter mountains, I was going to go to Mount Tecumseh, but as soon as I saw how much snow on Phillipps Peak, I changed my direction and attempted to summit Phillipps.
Mt. Tyrwhitt to Mt. Pocaterra - Kananaskis Country (South)

Mt. Tyrwhitt to Mt. Pocaterra


My first time hiking with COC, my party went to Tyrwhitt to Pocaterra traverse. Killed two birds with one stone!!
Mount Fox - Kananaskis Country (Kananaskis Lakes)

Mount Fox


After a long day in Mount Lougheed, we were supposed to do little easier one instead, we picked Mount Fox, which was technically, physically and mentally more demanding.
North Kananaskis Pass - Kananaskis Country (Kananaskis Lakes)

North Kananaskis Pass


Part of Turbine camping trip. The most beautiful place I have ever seen. I call this place heaven on the Earth.
Mount French - Kananaskis Country (Highway 742)

Mount French


One of the most beautiful places in KC, British Military Group, but peaks here are difficult. Mount French isn't an exception.
Haig Glacier - Kananaskis Country (Highway 742)

Haig Glacier


I have done more than 30 hikes here in the Rocky Mountains, but I have never hiked glacier before, so this time, I decided to go to Haig Glacier.
Smutwood Peak - Kananaskis Country (Highway 742)

Smutwood Peak


With COC, I went to "Smutwood Peak". It has been in my to-do list and yes it didn't disapointed me. Beautiful place it was.
Mount Cautley to Wonder Peak - Mount Assiniboine Provincial Park

Mount Cautley to Wonder Peak


A long ridge walk traversing from Mount Cautley to Wonder Peak. We had full day of beautiful blue sky to enjoy the view and weather.
The Towers - Mount Assiniboine Provincial Park

The Towers


The last day at Assiniboine. After a careful observation from Wonder Peak previous day, we find a way to the summit of The Towers. We also explored more area after The Towers.
Trail to Assiniboine - Mount Assiniboine Provincial Park

Trail to Assiniboine


Like everyone else, I wanted this trip for so long finally I got to see Mount Assiniboine in close distance. We hiked in via scenic Citadel Pass from Sunshine Village.
Fatigue Mountain - Banff National Park (Townsite)

Fatigue Mountain


From Sunshine Village to Sunshine Meadow to Howard Douglas Lake to Fatigue Mountain.
Citadel Peak - Banff National Park (Townsite)

Citadel Peak


Second day at Howard Douglas lake. After Fatigue Mountain, I lost my glasses, but still went ahead to Citadel Peak.
Quartz Hill - Banff National Park (Townsite)

Quartz Hill


Hiking with my roommate, Cornnie at Sunshine Meadows. At the end of Quartz Hill pass, there it was, Mount Assiniboine.
Storm Mountain (Banff) - Banff National Park

Storm Mountain (Banff)


Late start + dead falls + slog up rubble + snow + high peak = evening scrambling at Storm Mountain in Banff. It's fun to do evening hike every once in a while.
Isabelle Peak - Kootenay National Park

Isabelle Peak


Weather was supposed to be far nicer but it turned out to be a cold day in August. Nonetheless we had fun and successful ascent to Isabelle Peak.
Mount Ball to Beatrice Peak - Kootenay National Park

Mount Ball to Beatrice Peak


Mount Ball is another one of my favorites!! Camping at alpine meadow made this trip even more enjoyable. Ignore all the horrifying stories of bushwhacking and pack your backpack to Ball!
Storm Mountain North Ridge - Banff National Park

Storm Mountain North Ridge


I stormed to Storm Mountain North Ridge… Fine I am sorry, but least you get my trip report for free. Another peak done.
Stanley Peak - Kootenay National Park

Stanley Peak


The last peak of 3 peaks weekend. We summited Stanley Peak with a different route (moderate route) from Kane's description.
Mount Little - Banff National Park (Lake Louise)

Mount Little


Second day of grand traverse of 2 of Ten Peaks of the Valley. Mt Little and went back via Perren Route.
Mount Bowlen - Banff National Park (Lake Louise)

Mount Bowlen


First day of grand traverse of 2 of Ten Peaks of the Valley. Neil Colgan Hut to Mt Bowlen via Schiesser Ledges.
Mount Lefroy - Yoho National Park

Mount Lefroy


What a memorable day this trip turned out to be. We were so lucky that we could summit the Mount Lefroy with the conditions we had.
Mount Victoria - Yoho National Park

Mount Victoria


Back to Mount Victoria. Unlike the pervious attempt, the condition was our friend. I wish I didn't forget my memory card for camera…
Abbot Pass Hut - Yoho National Park

Abbot Pass Hut


We couldn't attempt Mount Victoria south due to the weather, so we were stuck inside Abbot Pass Hut for the weekend.
Mount Bosworth - Yoho National Park

Mount Bosworth


Mount Bosworth wasn't so much worth. Its approach was short, but it was not pleasant. However we enjoyed scramble part of this peak.
Mt. Olive to St. Nicholas - Banff National Park (Icefields Parkway)

Mt. Olive to St. Nicholas


After dropping extra gear at Bow Hut, we continued to go for Mount Olive - St. Nicholas Peak. Couldn't waste a beautiful day.
Mt. Thompson to Mt. Rhondda to the Onion - Banff National Park (Icefields Parkway)

Mt. Thompson to Mt. Rhondda to the Onion


May long weekend. We went for 2.1 peaks in Wapta Icefield. Thompson, Rhondda and the deadly Onion…
Nigel Peak - Jasper National Park

Nigel Peak


The last day of 4 day peak begging road trip. View from Nigel Peak was definitely awesome! I highly recommended.
Mount Athabasca - Jasper National Park

Mount Athabasca


Every time I came to Columbia Icefield, I always said it to myself, someday. Finally I have done Mount Athabasca. Such a good looking peak.
Columbia Icefield - Jasper National Park

Columbia Icefield


It would have been my one of highlights in this business if I could have successfully summit Mount Columbia, but it didn't happen this time.