Kananaskis Country (Highway 66/68) - Alberta, Canada
Banded Peak - Kananaskis Country (Highway 66/68)

Banded Peak


30 years of waiting is over, Kevin finally hiked Banded Peak with me. View from the peak was super, one of the best views I have seen.
Belmore Browne Peak to Tiara Peak - Kananaskis Country (Highway 66/68)

Belmore Browne Peak to Tiara Peak


Belmore Brown Peak to Tiara Peak traverse. It's somewhat shorter hike than the last several hikes I have done, but still we took a good chunk of time to complete this one.
Mount Bryant - Kananaskis Country (Highway 66/68)

Mount Bryant


Back to Elbow-Sheep. This time we went to Mount Bryant. Despite of a harsh weather we had to face, we reached the summit and at the end of the day we also met a celebrity.
Canyon Creek Ice Cave - Kananaskis Country (Highway 66/68)

Canyon Creek Ice Cave


The weather forecast for the weekend was terrible, so I decided to stay inside. Yup, inside of Canyon Creek Ice Cave.
Compression Ridge - Kananaskis Country (Highway 66/68)

Compression Ridge


My buddies were talking about doing Compression for quite a while, finally we did it with a bonus peak of Nihahi Ridge.
Cougar Mountain - Kananaskis Country (Highway 66/68)

Cougar Mountain


Got a day off and went to Cougar Mountain in Kananaskis. Bike approach and bit of scramble were worth taking day off!! I should ask for a year off next time.
Eagle Hill - Kananaskis Country (Highway 66/68)

Eagle Hill


A small hill in K-Country, but accompanied by big names on the new years hike.
Elbow Four Peak Traverse - Kananaskis Country (Highway 66/68)

Elbow Four Peak Traverse


The famous big traverse of Mt. Glasgow – Mt. Cornwall – Outlaw Peak – Banded Peak. Oh man it was so awesome. Worth the suffering.
Forgetmenot Mountain - Kananaskis Country (Highway 66/68)

Forgetmenot Mountain


Short approach, easy ascent, and long long long… long long long long long long long long long long ridge. That's Forgetmenot.
Mount Howard - Kananaskis Country (Highway 66/68)

Mount Howard


Mount Howard locates in Elbow-Sheep in K Country. A long creek walk + long ridges + crazy wind gusts = spectacular scenery of mountains in Kananaskis Country.
Jumpingpound Mountain - Kananaskis Country (Highway 66/68)

Jumpingpound Mountain


Finally the first opportunity to go mountain biking instead of scrambling in 2010. I went to Jumpingpound Mountain to enjoy crash!!
Little-Big Elbow Loop - Kananaskis Country (Highway 66/68)

Little-Big Elbow Loop


A famous mountain bike trail in Kananaskis, Little-Big Elbow Loop. It's over 45km long.
Moose Mountain - Kananaskis Country (Highway 66/68)

Moose Mountain


After Rawson Lake hike, my knee felt good and decided to go easy mountain hike this time. Moooooose!
Nihahi Ridge (South) - Kananaskis Country (Highway 66/68)

Nihahi Ridge (South)


The plan was to do whole Nihahi traverse but my tired body didn't allow me to do this. So I stopped at a high point.
Prairie Mountain - Kananaskis Country (Highway 66/68)

Prairie Mountain


Finally I decided to go to Prairie Mountain. It was a beautiful day out… at least where I was, not deeper into the mountains.
Mount Remus - Kananaskis Country (Highway 66/68)

Mount Remus


Solo scrambling at Remus. Guessing the weather was little difficult this weekend but I picked a good peak. I had blue sky all day.
Ridges at Upper Canyon Creek - Kananaskis Country (Highway 66/68)

Ridges at Upper Canyon Creek


More I do it more I love it. I love ridge walking. Even though it was a cold day, didn't stop me to get out there.