January 27 :

Mamory pages are redesigned and upgraded

January 25 :

Thought page is redesigned and upgraded

January 19 :

Digital Diary
Banff National Park

January 12 :

Digital Diary
Little Things in My Life
Alicia's Wedding


December 31 :

Digital Diary
Parent Invasion

December 9 :

Digital Diary
2007 Stampede
Crowsnest Pass

September 8 :

Digital Diary
2007 Canada day

August 6 :

Digital Diary
Polska Trip 7

July 28 :

Digital Diary
Polska Trip 6 (Day 14) Family Reunion

July 22 :

Digital Diary
Polska Trip 5 (Day 10 to 13) Grozow

July 18 :

Digital Diary
Polska Trip 4 (Day 9) Auschwitz

July 10 :

Digital Diary
Polska Trip 3 (Day 8) Krakow

July 7 :

Digital Diary
Polska Trip 2 (Day 5 to 7)

July 2 :

Digital Diary
Polska Trip 1 (Day 1 to 4)

April 14 :

Digital Diary
Winter 2007

February 3 :

Digital Diary
Rest of 2006


December 24 :

Digital Diary
Launa's Wedding

September 30 :

Digital Diary
1 entry, NITCC 10th Anniversary

September 27 :

Digital Diary
1 entry, Haig Glacier

September 1 :

Digital Diary
2 entries, Mt Kidd and Grotto Mt.

Auguest 4 :

Digital Diary
2 entries, Lake Loise and Stampede Parade.

May 27 :

Digital Diary
2 entries, The Dypolts and Turtle Mountain.

May 4 :

Digital Diary
Introducing my new house and roommates.

April 1 :

Digital Diary
Finally I'm in the Rocky Mountains where I call home.

March 26 :

Digital Diary
Last entry for digital diary about Tokyo.

February 7 :

Digital Diary
I'm totally slacking isn't it?


December 3 :

New look for Wallpaper Gallery
Phew, it took me a whole day to finish up.

October 27 :

9 new wallpaper
Beauty: Ilary Blasi
Musician: Mink illustrated by Ena
Art: Illustrated by Emico
Speed: Peugeot Silhouette

October 11 :

1 new wallpaper
Musician: Nana from Mika Nakashima

July 3 :

Digital Diary
It's been a long time since I wrote digital diary. I added 3 entries.

June 11 :

6 new wallpapers
Asian Art: Painted by Yoshitaka Urasaki
Beauty: Ilary Blasi
Movie: Swimming Pool
Musician: Hitori from Mika Nakashima and Christina Aguilera
Speed: Marcos TSO GT

April 28:

5 new wallpapers
Beauty: 3 wallpapers of Laetitia Casta made by Mos
Seasonal Art: 2 wallpapers of Spring Break 05

April 2 & 9:

9 new wallpapers
Beauty: Diane Heidkrueger and Kyoko Hasegawa
Musician: Music by Mika Nakashima and Harmonium by Vanessa Carlton
Asian Art: Painted by Yoshiaka Urasaki, Yukari Nakayama, and Mariko Wada

January 10:

3 new wallpapers
Beauty: Paris Hilton, Hannah Spearritt, and Tera Reid
1280 x 800 size wallpapers are now available. (Not all)


Nobember 20 :

Digital Diary
Here is update for my October diary. Aska's sport day and Canadians visited Tokyo.

October 31 :

8 new wallpapers
Art: Calligraphy
Musician: Legend by Mika Nakashima

October 9 :

Digital Diary
Here is update for my September diary.

10 new wallpapers

Art: Olymbic Special, and Gion
Beauty: Gisele Bundehen, and Tera Reid
Musician: Lest We Forget The Best of Marilyn Manson, and Avril Lavigne

September 17 :

7 new wallpapers
Art: 3 wallpapaers of Heat Wave Summber of 2004, and White Flowers
Beauty: Liz McClarnon
Musician: Oborodukiyo by Mika Nakashima
Speed: Enzo Ferrari

August 29:

The 2004 Olympic games are almost over. The Women's marathon champion, Japanese runner, I though she is very cute. Japan did awesome job this time, they broke the total medal record. And also Jr. won his 4th win of the season, hell yeah he rocks!

Digital Diary

Here is update for my diary.

Laugh to Heaven
9 New clips should be enough to make you cry.

Todd & Bridgett
This is a hidden link to my friends' conglaturations site.

August 1:

6 new wallpapers
Art: 3 wallpapaers of Woman, and Sky
Beauty: Kirsten Dunst, and Paris

June 27 :

Digital Diary
What's up with me and my family? Check my Digital Diary.

June 5 :

2 new wallpapers
Music: Under My Skin by Avril Lavigne, Hinotori (Phoenix) by Mika Nakashima

Laugh to Heaven
Joke de Laugh is now open. Read them and laugh :-)

April 25:

7 new wallpapers
Art: Calligraphy, Maje, 2 wallpapers of Kill Bill, San Francisco, and Sakura (cherry blossoms)
Beauty: Marisa Miller

March 27:

8 new wallpapers
Art: 4 pictures of flowers and 2 pictures of a cat
Music: Feels Like Home by Norah Jones
Beauty: Eva Herzigova

March 21:

Digital Diary
As far as I know the Tokyo Tour series are done with the last 2 stories, Yumenoshima and Roppongi Hills. Also other 2 diary entries, Family Events and Vegetable Garden .

February 14:

Yeah who cares Valentine's day, I care only one thing, Daytona 500!!

Laugh to Heaven
7 new funny videos and 19 funny pictures

January 27:

Bigger size wallpapers are available now.

9 new wallpapers
Gallery Wallpapers:Enzo Ferrari
Musician Wallpapers:Love by Miki Nakashima
Supermodel Wallpaper: Michelle Behennah

January 17:

New contents, new server and new domain!

Laugh to Heaven
My new contents for laughter. 12 funny videos to start!

13 new wallpapers
Gallery Wallpapers:Corvette, Ford GT, Gallard, and Japanese Paintings

January 1:

A happy new year! And I am already happy because my top page is renewed and it's now flash.

Digital Diary
Finally my diary became official and not hidden anymore.
Two new stories: Hibiya, and Tokyo Elsewhere

4 new wallpapers
Musician Wallpapers:Christina Aguilera, and Afterglow by Sarah McLachlan
Mos' Wallpapers: Dior, and Kill Bill


September 21:

9 new wallpapers (New Gallery)
Adventure Wallpaper: Shiprock from Ice & Rock
Musician Wallpapers: Jupiter by Jewel, and Hotel Paper by Michelle Branch
Gallery Wallpapers: Kiki 1, 2, 3
, Cedar's Flower Garden, Flower, and Flower Girl

August 10:

New stories of Canada in Memory section. From "Lethbridge" to the rest. Finally the Canada section is completed for now. The next section will be "Madness", story of going back to Japan from Canada.
New contents for Thought. What have I been thiking since the last time.

August 2:

New look, new pictures for stories of Canada in Memory section.

July 23:

New look, new pictures, and new stories for Childhood and Adolescence in Memory section.
Update for Childhood: My name was Seiko, I was born with one ball, and
Blue train restroom crisis
Update for Adolescence: A hand-knit scarf, P chan, and Yuki Kuwagaya

May 26:

Unfortunately, the laughter section is already out of business due to my server's regulation.

9 new wallpapers (New Gallery), and new wallpaper section called Mos. All wallpapers in Mos section are created by Mos.
Adventure Wallpaper: Moba by Doug Le Page, and Kamloops by Blake Jorgenson
Musician Wallpapers: Meteora by Linkin Park, and The Golden Age of Grotesque by Marilyn Manson, and Norah Jones
Supermodel Wallpapers: Molly Smith

Mos's Wallpapers: Karolina Korkova, Reflection, and Reflection 2

March 10: No more link. Link page had been deleted from my website, however I have a new page Laughter. Come to see and watch funny pictures, flashes, and videos.

January 24: 9 new wallpapers (New Gallery)
Adventure Wallpaper: Red Bull Ride 2002
Musician Wallpapers: Stripped by Christina Aguilera
NASCAR Wallpapers: Cup Chase by Jon Ferrey, Dale Earnhardt Jr., Dale Earnhardt Legacy Collection, and No Bull 2002
Supermodel Wallpapers: Elisabeth Rohm, Ana Claudia Michels, Gisele Bundchen

November 10: 8 new wallpapers (New Gallery)
New Musician Wallpapers: Lisa Loeb, Ben Folds Live by Ben Folds
New Adventure Wallpapers: Golden by Dave Heath and Red Canyon by Bonny Makarewics
New Gallery Wallpapers: Two Spring Break 2003, and Sunflower

September 21: 7 new wallpapers (New Gallery)
New Musician Wallpapers: Lost Angel by 3rd Strike, Home by Dixie Chicks, and Jinx by Quarashi
New Gallery Wallpapers: Possession from Baldur's Gate II, Feel the rush, Take the risk from Blue Crush, and Poet on a montian by Shen Zhou

August 15: After having my Web site for years, I had finished writing the profile section.
Also I finished up stories of first one year in Canada. If you have read last update of Canadian stories, you can continue reading from story of "Window Mountain Lake".

July 2: 5 new wallpapers (New Gallery)
New Musician Wallpapers: MTV Unplugged by Alanis Morossette and Youthful Days by Mr. Children
New Gallery Wallpapers: Cat

Supermodel Wallpapers: J Crew 2002, and Supermodel

March 24: New server again. The new address is http://soistheman.8m.com.
I took out the temporaly opening logo and put the TV opening video.
5 new wallpapers (New Gallery)
New Adventure Wallpapers: Outdoor Adventure Club 2
New Musician Wallpapers: Under Rug Swept by Alanis Morossette and American Made Music to Strip By by Rob Zombie
New Gallery Wallpapers: Summer of 2002 (2 versions)

March 9: Finally I added more stories. This time, I added part of stories in Canada (I haven't wrote all yet) and more thoughts. Hope you enjoy my stories. Stories in Canada will be a big section. I need more time to write. So far there are about 1/4 of entire stories that I am currently planning to write about.

March 4 Little minor changes had made. Now my opening page is simple soistheman logo instead of the Matrix opening movie. Also the picture quality of home page is improved.

February 21  The first update in 2002. As usual, I just put more wallpapers, but now I have more than 100 wallpapers! (New Gallery)
New Adventure Wallpapers: Santa Rosa by Cameron Lawson, and Genelle Cassidy by Blake Jorgenson
New Musician Wallpapers: Jewel, Not at All by Chage and Aska (2 versions), and Hydrid Theory by Linkin Park
New Supermodel Wallpapers: Diane Hidkruege, and Bridget Hall
Gallery Wallpapers: Spring Break 2002, Inferno by Dante

December 28: The last update for 2001. I only updated wallpapers as usual, but I am working on my new life stories.
New Mountain Bike Wallpaper "Victoria / Stephen Wilde"
New Rock Climbing Wallpaper "The Towering Inferno / Kevin Calder"
New Skiing Wallpaper "Powder 30th Anniversary"
New Musician Wallpaper "Jewel / This Way"
New Musician Wallpaper "Sheryl Crow"
New Musician Wallpaper "Dido / No Angel"
New NASCAR Wallpaper "No Bull 2001"
New NASCAR Wallpaper "2001 Champion Jeff Gordon "
New NASCAR Wallpaper "2001 Pepsi 400 at Daytona"

November 28:  I made a new opening video using Flash 5. I just started to learn and I didn't really tried hard, so the movie is not really a cool one like you see in other web-sites, but it is good enough for me. Also I illiegally killed the annoying pop-up ad risking being kicked out from this server, for not to make you get annoyed because I am soistheman.

November 11:  I don't really remember when I published this site to the world, but the first update was done one year ago already.
New Adventure Wallpaper "Kent Kritler / Aaron Sedway"
New Adventure Wallpaper "Scott USA"
New Adventure Wallpaper "Revelstoke / Rob Buchanan"
New Musician Wallpaper "Beauty and* Harmony / Miwa Yoshida"
New NASCAR Wallpaper "3 Wide Racing / LDon George"
New Supermodel Wallpaper "Caudia Schiffer"
New Supermodel Wallpaper "Aurelie Claudel"

September 22:  New server, new address, and new homepage!! I know you waited so many days for this. Soistheman's homepage is new now. Still some sections are underconstruction, but i added more pages. Here are the ones I updated.
New Wallpapers. You have to go and see my new wallpapers. I cannot list all of them because I added so many new ones. (Wallpaper Gallery page)
I also added Adolescence story. I know some of you wanted to read my stories. Enjoy :-) (Adolescence Story page)
New Thoughts. Just scroll down untill you see added mensioning. (Thought page)
Link page is up now too. It has my recommended sites and my friends' sits. (Link page)

March 4: New Musician Wallpaper "Sarah McLachlan / Surfacing"
New NASCAR Wallpaper "Memory of Dale Earnhardt" Tribune to the 7 time Winston Cup champion.
New Gallery Wallpaper "Spring Break"
New NASCAR Wallpaper "The 2000 Winston Cup Champion Bobby Labonte." Congratulations Boddy

February 5:  New Adventure Wallpaper "Outdoor Adventure Club"
New Musician Wallpaper "Mr. Children"

January 4: Three new childhood story "Where did you used to pee when you were a kit?", "The nightmare" , and "My family’s star, Kiki". (Childhood Story page)

December 31: Little changes on links. All pages are now connected with inner links. Now it is more friendly to you. Also interior finishing of wallpaper section was completed. It looks awesome. But what is much more awesome? Saw my introduction page? Cool, huh? or eh?
New Musician Wallpaper "Snapcase / Designs for Automation"
New Musician Wallpaper "Mr. Children / Shinkai"
New Musician Wallpaper "Marlin Mann / Holywood"

December 27: New Musician Wallpaper "The Beatles" AKA Kristen's masterpiece
(This wallpaper was a Christmas present for my good friend and Battles fanatic, Kristen Keppler)

December 26: New Musician Wallpaper "Sarah McLachlan / Mirrorball"

November 12:  "The Beatles Album Collection" mistakes fixed

November 10:  New Adventure Wallpaper "Addicted to extreme"
New NASCAR Wallpaper "2000 Winston Cup"