Owning a House

I am renting a small house right now. The weather was nice today; I decided to clean the backyard. The backyard was mess from fallen leafs. Then this thought popped up. Why the hell people want to own a house? Owning a house means far more work you have to do. An average man work 5 days a week. If you don’t have a house you can use weekends for something else, but if you have a house, you have to spend some time to clean up and fix things around the house. That is what I consider weekend jobs. Wait a minute, its worse. If it is real jobs, you get paid, but doing house work, you don’t get paid. Oh no it is even worse. Average house holders have mortgage. This is like your spending so much money to get non-paid jobs.

Other's Thought

Kristen   [2009-10-31 14:35:03]
That's why you buy a condominium like I did. You get the mortgage, but you don't have to do the yard work or shovel the driveway or tend to your flowerbeds because the condo association does it for you. :-)

Annonnymoose   [2009-12-03 11:54:11]
Then get married and have your wife do it. Wait...my husband still has to do most of it anyway...never mind. Carry on.

Tom   [2013-12-04 15:03:52]
Well a house is a good investment so its not like you are working for free.

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