Speaking Japanese outside Japan

I have a big problem with speaking Japanese when I am not in Japan. I cannot speak Japanese. It’s so wired, but it is true. I have this problem for years. It feels so wired to speak Japanese. My Canadian brother complains about me not speaking Japanese because he is learning Japanese. But I can’t. The other day, a guy from a software company called me and in the middle of the conversation, he started to talk to me in Japanese. I freaked out… and he made me sweat so much by doing it. When I went to Japanese tableware store the other day, I felt like I was an idiot. I should have just spoken in English but I tired to speak Japanese, ended up acting like a shy boy hitting on an old woman. Somebody help me!

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Annonnymoose   [2009-12-03 11:57:23]
Why can't you speak Japanese if you're not in Japan?

Guest   [2020-11-02 14:38:51]
dude, you are funny!

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