It’s funny as much I hate writing; writing is the best way to let people know my true self and true thoughts. A lot of you who know me personally, even the ones who know me years probably find many sides of me you didn’t know by reading my thoughts. Partly I don’t speak matters like these, because I am too shy and too embarrassed if I do speak such matters.

Other's Thought

Miller7950   [2010-11-14 20:50:10]
I liked your site.

Olias   [2011-06-09 15:19:34]
Thanks for sharing your trip reports and photos. I'm going to Assiniboine next month and I found your site very helpfull for trip planning. I look forward to you future reports.


Doug Lutz   [2013-08-31 07:22:43]
I love your pictures and trip reports. Well done!

Doug Lutz   [2013-08-31 07:26:55]
Planning an attempt at Mt. Vaux on the week of Sept 9 (possibly on Sept 10). interested?

SHANIYAAR   [2013-10-11 18:58:37]
love ur website pictures n trips.... good job.. really like it..

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