90º Turn

I met my old high school friends when I was in Japan in 2006. We had a class of 1996 let meet again thing. Back in high school, we all were studying architecture. We used to see each other six days a week, taking the same classes for three years. We used to like the same thing. We used to hate the same thing. We used to do the same stuff. We were all in the same page. Most of them went to the same university and continued studying architecture. Pretty much everyone got a job relating to architecture/construction. But here I was, I am a computer programmer. I have a job as a programmer. I wasn’t in Japan most of the time since I graduated from high school. I just couldn’t find much to talk about with them while they were having fun talking about there life and jobs. I completely felt isolated from them. From the same people who I used to have fun with.

That was the first time I vividly saw where the decision I made going to Canada back in 96 led me now and where I would have been if I haven’t gone to Canada.

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stasia   [2008-02-23 09:07:13]
You mada a good choice /decision I hope you are pleased with it yourself besides you would not meet us lol heheh We hope you make a life here for a long time and hope you count us in your thoughts / your experiances We sure do Good luck at whatever you do at wherever you go You doing great Keep it up and be close to the once that love and care for you Once more... you are 'special' to ua and will for ever be in our memories as part of OUR lives Your family is also part of OUR family and we are happy to have had a chance to meet

Rev308   [2008-03-06 01:05:45]
You are so blessed to have come to Canada and meet me. I know I am your hero. You are welcome So!

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