Watching someone’s computer’s desktop is like watching someone driving, you can tell a lot about that person. For example, in real life, I organize things well. Like my mom says, I always group things and store them in the right spots and I keep them that way all the time. I try to put things away which I don’t use and only leave thing I use on visible places. I do exactly the same thing with PC. On my desktop there are only thing I really need for right now or everyday use. Other files are sub categorized and stored in appropriate places. On the other hand, my computer science instructor in college, his desktop was always full of files and I couldn’t even understand how he could find files from that desktop. Well if you see his office, oh men! His office desk and floor were covered by books and papers. One day I found a paper from beginning of quarter that he never graded and returned to us from the bottom of a stash. He said he thought he lost them.

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stasia   [2008-02-23 09:20:51]
Hey! nothing wrong with being organized I wish I was such person or wish your brother or sister was half organized as you are Ibelieve TJ MIGHT be somewhat organized Keep it up Life is easier that way I will get organized when I quit working .. lol

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