I take bus twice a week to get to my office. That will not change even after I buy a car. Being in a bus is one of only two opportunities to sink into my thinking mode in this busy life. Think about it. How many hours do you sit down and simply think in a week? While I am on a bus, I can relax and think about a lot of things. Planning for weekend, imagining space travel, or simply thinking about a girl. People are too busy nowadays and many people don’t have time like this. Taking bus to work forces me to have such precious time and to me it is very important.

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stasia   [2008-02-23 09:00:57]
Good for you but..... hurry bye a car so you can come visit us just make sure you miss the big rock this time LOL

Rev308   [2008-03-06 01:04:19]
You take the bus because you are a Jew and too cheap to buy a car. Just don't buy a PT Cruiser.

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