Death Sentence

Some believe everyone deserves to live and no one should be executed. But is it really? I agree everyone makes mistakes, but these dangerous criminals do not make mistakes. They hurt people on purpose. Why would some people want to protect these dangerous people? I do not have answer. But I do know saving their lives will not guarantee safety of good people but killing them dose guarantees safety. When these idiots come out from jail, they will commit crime again. They will hurt or kill people again. Killing them will guarantee there is at least one less evil who will hurt or kill good people.

So let me ask a question. If these criminals beat up, rape and then kill someone you love, do you still protect the one who killed your important person? Can you say everyone deserves to live still? If your answer is “yes” then I have no further augment.

Other's Thought

stasia   [2008-02-23 08:59:11]
welll. well said Calvin. Eye for eye... toth for tooth is MY answer to that You murdered YOU should be taken out of this world Such loosers do NOT deserve to breath our air They are a cancer to our society and need to be removedfor ever Less stress on the society 5 cents bullet is MY cure for those who kill

Rev308   [2008-03-06 01:02:05]
I think they should be hugged more often. Then they would not want to hurt others. Killing them is not the answer ;).

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