When my brother and I went to a beer factory he wrote “Alcohol is the work of devil” on a guest book and he is absolutely right about it. In my opinion, drinking alcohol should be illegal.

When I say so to other people they say, “As long as drink responsively, it’s ok.” Well if everyone can do that then it shouldn’t be a problem, but not everyone can do that. Beside if that is the logic why drinking alcohol should be legal then I say doping illegal drugs should be legal as long as they dope themselves responsively. What’s the hell is the difference between alcohol and drugs? In case you didn’t know alcohol is drug.

Makes me laugh when these dumb parents complain about TV shows and games are too violent that young people are affected and becoming more and more violent. Hello? Do we live in the same world? Have you ever heard someone saying “I’m sorry I beat up that guy. I just played a violent game and felt like punching someone.” No. They always say “Because I was drank.” And these are the parents come home and drink in front of kids and tell kids not to drink. What kind of role model are they?

Yet people make such a big deal about 40-years-old teacher having sex with a 16-years-old student. I can tell you having sex with 16-years-old won’t kill girls rather can give girls pressure, but drank drivers kill people. They KILL people. They kill 16-years-olds, 3-years-olds, even entire families. It is happening again and again and again and again, yet there are only few people realizing how serious this problem is. This is not a tragedy, this is a stupidity.

Allowing alcohol is the same thing as watching someone getting killed in front of you and doing nothing about it.

Now stop giving me all the stupid executes how drinking is good and look at the facts what alcohol dose to people! If you think drinking is still good then your brain is clouded. You are already an alcoholic.

Other's Thought

stasia   [2008-02-23 08:52:42]
Hey! I agree at times.... is OK to have a beer I Hate beer but..... on hot weather and on holidays lol heheh I should have went shopping instead of having a beer as I missed out on MANY goodies NOT NICE. If you drink DONT DRIVE If you drink BE RESPONSIBLE for your action and be accountible. When commit crime under influance sentance should be EXTRIM No doubt
Drinking in front of children... is called neglectfull parent Parents that dont give a Sh*%#@ abot their kids Best do not drink at all

So   [2008-02-23 09:55:18]
What do u call a parent who drink vodka in front of kid and choke self and scaring the hell out of kid stasia?

stasia   [2008-02-23 11:43:55]
I call it fun parent and a caring kid who took time to assist at difficulties during breathing lol You would let me choke.I ma a good parent I preach ::: "do as I say and NOT as I do"...That is why I have good kids Calvin !!!!!! I drink to that lol

Rev308   [2008-03-06 01:00:40]
Hahahahaha! That did scare me at the time. And yes, you already know (and agree with), my opinion of alcohol. Thank you for being morally strong in this regard. Alcohol always has been and always will be: pure evil!!

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