One way ticket

If someone tells you that you can go to the top of Mt. Everest, if someone tells you, you are chosen to go to the deepest place on the earth, or even if someone tells you, you will be given a spaceship to travel zillion miles away from this planet, but your life is not guaranteed, would you go? I would. I rather have a short but exciting life than have a normal life of which nothing is special.

Other's Thought

stasia   [2008-02-23 08:55:03]
Yup. That is our Calvin He WOULD challange indeed. Me???? Not sure HOW and Where I would probably examine the idea for a while before i do it Good to be so darring Iguess

Rev308   [2008-03-06 00:57:02]
Amen to that! I agree with you Brother!

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