Look back

When I was teen, there wasn’t much to look back. All I had was the future. But a decade from then it’s a much different story. I have experienced happiest days of my life. I have experienced the angriest days of my life. I have experienced how it feels to love someone. I have found best friends. I have lost them all at once. I have lost my future and hope. I had to build up the future from scratch. When I became older there are so much more to look back. It’s much easier to sink into my memories. I spend more time thinking of my past. It’s unavoidable to yearn. One thing makes me proud is I don’t have regrets by not trying. I wonder what I will be looking back in ten years from now.

Other's Thought

stasia   [2008-02-23 08:40:22]
Keep them thoughts close to your heart and remember NOBODY can take them away from you They are YOUR thoughts and YOUR memories of the days gone by.Be proud of who you are , of what you believe in and of what you have acomplished in your life (Big OR small It is YOUR accomplishement)Don't forget those close to you They to make a difference in your path of life. *Always have fun and play safe.

Rev308   [2008-03-06 00:53:35]
You will be homeless 10 years from now. But at least you will have sex then.

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