Living in a country where you didn’t grew up

Easy. So easy. Everything seems so easy. That’s because you know what to expect. You have a good idea what will happen just because you have seen it again and again, seeing it in your entire life. You know people. You know what to do. You know where to go. You know how to get there. You know where to get help. You know how to ask. You know the language. Yet so comfortable and stressless. Living in a country where you didn’t grew up is the opposite of all of these. You can’t even imagine how easily and simple things you can get stuck. You feel like a helpless child.

Other's Thought

Sophie   [2008-02-19 12:02:31]
I believe everything will become better and better

Stasia   [2008-02-23 08:29:19]
I understand EXACTLY what you live/what you think like/ how you see it and yes... you do feel like a hopeless child. *** I was there myself almost 40 yrs ago. But one can survive and learn to blend in IF one wants to . **You doing well Calvin. Love mamma S

Rev308   [2008-03-06 00:50:29]
Soup makes everything better! But you need to call me...bastard!

Guest   [2008-06-10 15:12:55]
C'mon, write some new stuff already!

Sophie   [2008-07-23 23:28:35]
So, I miss you. Why you dissappeared? Call me!!!

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