Memory Box

In three weeks, I will be leaving the States. I have lived here for four years. It is time for me to pack up and go. During my stay, I kept important things in a shoebox. I have never opened the box to look inside until today.

There were a lot more stuff than I thought there were in the box. I red my ex-girlfriend Sarah’s love letters first time for a long time. Tons of cards. Christmas cards, birthday cards, congratulation cards, Thank you cards. Letters from my mom. There were half of two tickets for the Nutcracker. I asked my crush to go see it with me. I could tell which ticket was mine because one ticket was folded 2 times. I sometimes do that. Drawings, mostly Cedar’s (no surprise). Pieces of tire rubber from racecars.

I added one more last thing in the memory box today. The moment when everything became memory, the past.

The memory box will be sent to Japan soon, along with other stuff. When I get back, I will put all the stuff to my big memory box, which has even more stuff from my childhood. Just like my small memory box, I have never looked through what in there because I am waiting to share with the one who I will spend rest of my life.

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stasia   [2008-02-23 19:49:31]
Good for you You will someday relive the past by going through the boxes Hope you have some of the stuff fromCNP

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