College Life

After leaving college I have to admit that I miss college life despite of homework, reports, reading, and exams.

  • Hot chicks
  • Free cable TV
  • Free fast internet connection
  • Free illegal software download from college servers
  • Cooked food at my convenience (if you don’t mind taste)
  • Free use of gym
  • Free music and (theater) events
  • Friends
  • Funny and strange events (don’t ask details, you know it)
  • Roommates and their strange behaviors (such as naked-man dancing)
  • Love

Now that I think I was spending too much time on studying. I wish I had little more time for fun. Oh well, too late.

Other's Thought

stasia   [2008-02-23 19:58:23]
college is a memories you will charish foreverno matter what good OR bad memories They are yours to charish

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