No one is innocent

I don’t believe there is an innocent human being except kids. All adults are guilty of something whether they realize or not.

For example, many people throw food away just because there is a hair in plat or taste not good, or whatever, but people don’t have problem throwing food because they can buy food any time any where. Have you ever thought of why it’s possible? Because our country is wealthy and they can buy food. Actually they buy way too much food resulting sucking up all the food source and those poor countries can’t get enough food. These poor people die by starvation. A study showed that if every one takes as much food as he or she needs, no one starves. It’s all our fault. It is the truth. Admit it. We are killing people every day. We have killed millions of people already.

Justice to the terrorists of 9-11? What about the justice to us? What makes us to think we deserve a good life? What makes us to think we are innocent? The terrorists and we are both murders. Will you be more responsible of what you do? Will you think about your action? Will you change now?

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Guest   [2008-02-23 19:46:38]
By living a good life , by treating others as you would like to be treated we can be an example and hope future generation follows so we could chang SOME things There always be a wast of a skin in this earth We need a change our laws and be more stricter and punitive That is how I seeit

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