Right at this moment, there are three people I admire. I don’t know any of their names, but I saw them on TV or magazine. The first person is a city biker without a leg. The next person is a rock climber without an arm. He said after he lost his arm, he tried a lot of new things to spice up his life and the last thing he thought to do was rock climbing and since then he is in love with climbing. The last person is also a rock climber but he also climbs mountains. When I saw him on TV he said he could be the youngest person who would climb all the highest mountains in each seven continent. It was a month before the last climbing trip and his plan was to paraglide from the top to the bottom. That’s not why I admire him. Guess why I admire him. His image of the world is black. He is totally blind. Crazy huh?

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stasia   [2008-02-23 19:37:50]
Oh Wow!!! Good stories and couragous people.What a great example. It tells you that you can do WHATEVER you put your mind to. Wow!

Rev308   [2008-03-10 15:08:22]
Hey! I thought I was your hero?!

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