Life of Circle

Over the last seven years, I have moved around the world. I have met a lot of new people and I learned one thing: as many people I meet, as many times I have to say good-bye later. Do you know why it has to be that way? I tried to come up with ideas to explain why that is. This is not perfect, but good enough for now. You may want to draw circles as you read. It may help you to understand better.

Life of Circle. Everyone has a circle. You have a circle. The circle becomes bigger and bigger as people get older. Thus people who die young have small circles and people live long have big circles, which increases chance to meet other people. The center of the circle is a person. Whenever two circles intersect each other, there always exist two crossing points. These points represent the time of a meeting and the time of a parting. This means the distance of the two points is how long these two people know each other. If the distance is far a part, they know each other for a long time. The area of intersection between the two circles is the time these individuals spend together. Notice further the two crossing points are, bigger the intersection. This makes sense because longer you know each other, more time you spend together, right? There are more to this life of circle. Everyone has old friends. They are the ones you know for a long time. As I said earlier the circle grows, as people get older. When two intersected circles grows, the distance of the crossing points and the area of intersection increase. Pretty good huh? Now let say there are two circles. One is your circle and other is someone’s you know. When these two centers of the circle get close, the distance of the cross points increases and the area of intersection increases. Means you and your friend spend the time together more and for a longer time. As the centers get closer, the distance of cross points and the area of intersection increase even more. The relationship between you and your friend becomes deeper and longer. I call this friend a CLOSE friend.

Is your life of circle intersecting with my life of circle?

Other's Thought

stasia   [2008-02-23 19:34:49]
Well. You need not ask .... calvin. Of course You will be in our thoughts and in our hearts forever. I hope the circle never get broken but grow larger with years We are now a family

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