Things that are annoying

People who take an elevator to go up or down one floor. I mean come on. The height of one floor is not like 50 yards.

Human rules. Fxxx the laws who made them. Certainly I didn't. Some laws and rules are just stupid. They make my life so much harder and confusing. I wish I were an animal.

Male who dances at dance clubs or actually any places. I have to ask them, "Are you gay?" Can't stand watching them dancing. When I see them, I wanna stab them one by one. (I'm sorry I don't mean to offend gay people.)

Reading and writing. I don't enjoy reading and writing much, so don't force me to read stupid stories, and don't force me to write responses about stupid novels. I am ashamed that at university level, we still have to spend so much time to read crap useless meaningless stories. Unless you are English major, these composition and literature classes shouldn't be mandated. I wanna scream and rip off all the novels that I had to read in front of instructors. Then I will finish my frustration by peeing on books.

Workers who work for fast food stores, especially in Columbus, Ohio because they are so slow, I feel by the time I get everything, the food is already cold. They cannot call the stores "fast food store" because they are not fast.

People who talk loud in libraries. I don't know about other cities, but people talk all the time at libraries here in Columbus. Another thing about people in Columbus. Stop laughing when it is a serious scene of a movie. They laugh at everything. They think horror movies are to laugh.

I hate OSU Buckeye teams especially the football team. So annoying.

Stupid Jap's some of stupid customs and culture. I won't even go detail here.

Windows Messenger in Windows XP. Can't it just leave me alone? Why is it keep showing up in my screen even though I set not to log-on automatically? Stupid Bill Gates.

Other's Thought

stasia   [2008-02-23 20:26:39]
you got a lot of annoying thigs ... calvin Some I agree with well MOST I agree with except male dancers lol

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