Places that I cannot be

I cannot be anywhere clouded. So many people around makes me so uncomfortable. That includes parties, cerebrations, and clubs. Bars are worse because I see too much drinking and smoking as a weakness. Basically there are people who drink and smoke in bars which makes me think bars are place that losers go.

I cannot stand to eat when there are too many people sitting around a table. I grew up eating by myself most of the time, but when it is a special occasion such as thanks given day or Christmas and more that usual family member gather together and eat at a table makes me really uncomfortable.

I was watching Travel channel yesterday and they had Top 10 California beach show. As I watched it, I thought, I could never survive there. That place is too hot for me. Hot girls walking with bikini everywhere. Look at their boobs and hips. If I go there, I will be exhausted all the time and I won't tell you why.

Other's Thought

stasia   [2008-02-23 20:19:41]
Nasty boy you are. Relax it is ok when you are in our family circle We have fun and want you to be relaxed

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