Things that turn me on

Girls with glasses often look beautiful. Girls with sweaters on look cute. My host father once said that boys get attracted to the curve as age gets older, and I agree. When I was in high school, boobs or hips weren't really matter. I liked foot, but now at the age of 24 like the curve. Although I cannot stand big boobs.

One thing that really turns me on is the moment of death or alive. (Doesn't necessary means really die, it may mean fail or success.) For example when I am riding bike, I love the moment of "Am I going down?" or "Am I avoiding crush?" and the moment of "This car is hitting me!" or "This is goanna be close, but I think I can go through." In that less than a second, there are so many thoughts and strategies fly in my head makes me get the stage that I would like to call "hyper." When that happens, whether I am hurt or fine, I get so hyper and start riding bike even harder. Of course if I am injured, then I can't really ride hard, but still I get hyper.

The same thing as skiing. No matter what every time I eat snow I get hyper. After sliding down 50 yards, I get hyper. However, I don't like to fall down to the ice surface or when it is -20 °C (-5 °F) or so.

This is one of reasons why I love NASCAR, because they race so close to each other and the wall. They go 3 wide, 4 wide, or even 5 wide. They wrack each other. I love the style they race and I wish I were one of them.

Loose surface (usually small rocks or snow) down hills in mountains turns me on. Two most reasons that I climb mountains are the resting at the peak and running down loose hills. I usually roll over once or twice every time I run down a hill, but it's so fun and I get hyper also when I do that. I don't remember, I might already talked about this. Back to what turns me on about girls. Those women who are athletes and play better than me especially the sports that I am good at attract me a lot. I am helpless about professional mountain biker and skiers for instance.

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stasia   [2008-02-23 20:15:52]
I knew you are crazy You like punishment and self harm you silly boy lol You are challenging and that is ok. You are NOT a wimp for sure

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