Everyday is important. I didn't attend the Lethbridge Community College's graduation and I am not planning to attend Otterbein College's graduation neither because graduation is not important. The important thing is how I get there. Many people will graduate. Everyone celebrate the graduation whether his or her GPA is 2.5 or 3.8. Then what makes the difference between 'A' students and 'D' students? Everyday work of course. 'A' students study hard everyday and learn a lot more but 'D' students don't study hard and don't learn much, but both of them graduate and celebrate graduation So everyday is important, not the graduation.

I can say the same thing about marriage. Women dream of wedding since they are little, and they get crazy when their wedding is coming soon, but the important thing is everyday after wedding. Everybody is happy in wedding ceremony, but not everybody stays happy after wedding. Because the effort to love the partner after wedding determines a happy or unhappy marriage.

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stasia   [2008-02-23 20:09:02]
Right on . We need to celabrate everyday not just the 'special' days Be happy and you will make everyone around you happy ... that is MY motto lol

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