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Some of you may remember that I said, "Nationality sucks" earlier. This is another story why I say so. I have lived in U.S. for more than two years now and Americans are very patriotic people. They use "American" all the time. Like the president Bush always says American people, and American justice. There are more like American auto race, American dream, American freedom, and so on. My point is, is it really American? What is America than? Definition of "America" is simply United States and the name of lands. So do Americans proud or their government or the land? That's why they use the word "American" so much? Maybe for some of them, but I think it is not the case for most of them. It's because of the people. It's because what people do. Not the government. For example, the greatest American auto racing, NASCAR, at least that what they say would not be the greatest American auto racing if it were formed in Australia. If all the NASCAR officials and drivers had grown up in Australia, it would be the greatest Austrian auto racing, even though the same people run NASCAR, the same drivers race every weekends. Why? Because it is the people! So, So says nationality sucks; it is the people not the country. Country is just a convenience to divide the world. It is nothing to do with what people do or believe.

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stasia   [2008-02-23 20:04:54]
Yes People are the makeup of the country indeed.

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