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Hi, I am a future NASCAR Winston cup champion, So Daniel Nakagawa. You can call me champ, and don't be surprise if you see somebody asking me my autograph because they know I will be a champion. I would like to tell you my brief life story here. If you want to know more about my past, you may want to visit the memory section.

I was born and grew up in Japan. I was a children with a bright future success promised as a NASCAR driver. I had a bad relationship with my brother. I hated him and how many times I wanted to kill him. I waited and waited for my brother leaving home and finally he left when I was 14. I struggled with him but now I believe it was meant to be. Going though all the struggles I had with my evil brother, I simply waited. I waited very patiently. Yes patiently. Patient is one of the most important skills to win a race. Without patient you will just crash, but I won't because I had learned to stay patient when I was a child. I have lived in Japan until 18 and that was a wasting time for this future Winston cup champion. I am not kidding. It was really a wasting time beside I learned patient.

After I graduated from my high school, I moved to Canada to find the way to become a Winston cup champion. I knew what it takes to become a champ, so I started my first step to the championship by learning the language to be able to communicate well with my future Winston cup champion pit crew and crew chief. If I cannot describe how my car feels, I cannot win a race. The first year in Canada, I mainly learned English. Living with two host families was not only fun time but also I learned a great deal of how to grow strong and faithful relationship. This skill will help me to build up relationships with my pit crew. People may not believe but I have seen so many drivers who have trouble building up a good relationship with their crew chief and members. If you don't have a good relation, you will not perform well. Jeff Gordon is a perfect example. What happened to the 3-time champ who dominated point standings after his crew chief left his team? He is not even close to the 4th championship. So there, it is very important to have a good relationship with your buddies to become a champ.

Spending very productive 2 years in Canada, I had to go back to Japan for one year. I was so mad, because I thought I would spend another waste time, but it was not. Thank to Canadian Rockies for giving me an opportunity to know how fun to ride a mountain bike. I kept riding a bike in Tokyo and this time I learned to be fearless and to have guts to race. The road condition in Tokyo was pretty bad. The roads were narrow, and there were always so many traffics. It was honestly dangerous to ride on the roads. There was only 3 ft space for me to ride between cars and crash barriers. Do you know how wide a bike is? To me riding a bike 4 inches away from car was perfectly comfortable. Three inches away was alert level. This was when my imaginary spotter told me "Car inside, inside. Stay in line." When car got closer than that, oh baby it was race time! My heart pumped and I even rode harder and more aggressive. Riding side-by-side and front tire to bumper. What can I say? I am the future Winston cup champion. I sure got hyper when I rode close to cars and crash barriers. I had great times riding there almost every day for 40 to 90 minutes.

Now it was the time to move to US, the country of stock car racing. It was a matter of time for the future champ to come to US. If I have not chosen to come to US, nothing would have happen, but here I am, slowly but surely walking toward the Winston cup championship. Coming to US was a very important step as you can imagine. I even had a big American flag before I came US. The American flag which has black No. 3 car on it. I am in Westerville (Columbus), Ohio, attending Otterbein College. I am majoring in computer science. You may wonder why I am studying computer science. There are important reasons that related to racing of courses. I am studying programming so that I can develop software. Software that will tell me the best setup depending on the track condition. Software that will tell me the accurate gas mileage to beat others. Meanwhile I go to Columbus Motor Speedway to watch races on Saturday nights. I go to the pit area and watch cars, drivers, and pit crews to learn more about racing for my future successful career. Thank you for reading my long stupid story.

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stasia   [2008-02-23 20:33:17]
Your stories are quite interesting and informative Well done I willnot be surprised if you someday dont wiggle your big dupa into a NASCAR seat Go for itCalvin!!!!!!!!! Go!!!!

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