Mountain Biking

Mountain bike is my best friend. I have had 5 different bikes so far. When I ride I often crash and get hurt myself. But I never stop riding hard and aggressive. When you watch pro baseball game at a stadium, you will have a great time. But in order to have fun watching the game, you have to pay for it. When I ride a bike, I have a so much fun. I go faster, I have more fun. When I have close actions to danger, I get more excited. But I still have to pay for fun I have. I take a crash as the price. And this is true. Riding on the edge of my ability is the best time but that means I also have great chance to crash.

Other's Thought

sd   [2008-02-23 21:34:00]
Yup I remember ONE bike you pushed home after you crashed it lol The tier was all bend to sh*%$#@* your knees and elbows scraped lol I was soooo scared for you and your well-beeing Now you reck cars lol

So   [2008-02-23 21:45:09]
Oh crap...

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