My country, Japan

I don't like Japan. I hope I will not have to go back to Japan again. Why? Japanese society respects mush more on what society tells you to do, not what individuals want to do. Here is a good example to explain. When workers finish work, they often go to bar to get drink, and what they do? People get drank. What about people who don't drink? Who cares, people drink because other people drink. If you don't drink, other people force you to drink. If you refuse, they will say, "You are not sociable and do you think you can live like that?" f### off! This is my opinion. If somebody forces me to drink, I will say no and if somebody says I am not sociable, then I will say "Because you are not respecting me so why should I respect you? Beside if I have time to spend time to get drank and spend money for that stupid thing, I rather spend time with my children. I save money and buy some jewelry for my love." Thank you and f### Japanese society. Other than how Japanese society works, Japan isn't a bad place to live.

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SD   [2008-02-23 20:53:11]
Hummmm. It is hot there I would have to stop for a beer as I shop No???? lol
Love you calvin

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