Again the same thing as marriage. When I was younger, I thought I would ever want to have any kids. But now, it is slowly changing. When I was young, I wasn't ready to have a kid not because of it was financially impossible but I knew I wasn't grew up to have kids. I knew I was too young. If you are a kid then how can you have your kid, you know. And how can I have a kid and raise them in the way I want to if I don't know how I want my kids to grow up. But as I get older, I get more comfortable with me, I get more confident with this world, I have better idea of how I want my kid to grow up, then I start thinking, having kids isn't as bad idea as it was used to be. I don't think I am still not ready but I am slowly getting ready.

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stasia   [2008-02-23 20:56:20]
Someday you will be blessed with children ...calvin and I know you will make a GREAT daddy and a husband Again I hope you mane them a Polish name Name that always have a meaning WHY you give a child a Polish name That will make us live for a long time through YOUR kids

stasia   [2008-03-07 20:31:37]
I know your daughter's name will be Zosia I just know it Beatka would be proud That's for sure

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