Reason to climb mountains

Do you care if you kill ants? When I was a kid, I killed a lot of ants for fun. Even I didn't mean to kill them, I stepped on and killed ants without noticing them. But there were some ants escaped from danger and climbed up my back. I want to be the ants that survived from danger and climbed up my back. Nature is so huge, so energetic, and wild. In the nature, I am like an ant; I am a so tiny small creature. I am nothing. It is so easy to kill me and nature doesn't care to kill me just like I don't care if I kill ants. But I want to survive from harsh wildness and show nature what this little tiny creature can do. Climbing to the top of mountain is one way to show it, I believe.

Other's Thought

SD   [2008-02-23 21:04:24]
You doing great You indicated throughout your diery how much of a nature nut you are I amproud of you and I am glad you have such a great love and respect for nature We need more nature lovers like you so this earth can survive longer because you take care whae you are out there enjoing it You dont distroy you perserve Good going Calvin CNP Canada mountins love you as well

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