I am very selective about friends. I enjoy relation among a small group. My friends have to be cool. If he or she isn't cool, then I won't be fried of them. So I don't have many friends. If you have already read my adolescence memory you know I have two lifetime best friends. But beside them, I don't think I have friends that I can say my best friends. There are many good friends but not best friends. The difference between best friends and good friends is that I want to hang out with my best friends all the time, but not with good friends. I often go out by myself and sometimes I hang out with good friends. It is sad that I feel this way but it is the truth.

Other's Thought

SD   [2008-02-23 20:49:11]
Hey! We are your friends Dont discount us You hurt my feelings if you do

So   [2008-02-23 21:50:08]
hahaha ur not my friend. ur my family. mama where's my sandwich?

stasia   [2008-03-07 20:29:50]
Just kidding Of course you are OUR son forever now

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