Sorry but I hate human. Human is the most disgusting creature in the earth. That means we are worse than ugly cockroach or fly which steps on poop. We don't deserve to live here. There are two reasons. We are the only one that destroying the Mother Nature. No mater what you do, you are destroying the earth. It is impossible not to do that nowadays. For example, where do you live? You house right? It is destruction of nature because materials that used for your house weren't biodegradable. When you wake up, what do you do? Maybe turn light on? How do we get electricity? Probably coal or nuclear power. Destruction of nature! Even my one of the two most joyful things, NASCAR is destruction of nature. It's sad but we cannot help it aren't we? Next reason really makes me mad and angry. Human is so selfish. Every thing we do we think about us first. I know North Americans like hunting. Why? I don't understand it. They say, "Well there are too many deer this year and many deer will die because they don't have enough food, so we have to kill some" Oh yeah so you kill deer for fun, huh? You know then what about human? There are way more human in the earth, why I am not allowed to hunt people. Why not? It's the same reason, too many deer, too many people, but we can't kill people. Why is that? Because human is f###in' selfish. We deserve to die. I hate human.

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sd   [2008-02-23 21:26:52]
hey You prytty strong here. Some humans are ok are not selfish We are good people We must have houses we need to eat I DO recycle I do. I try to be good to mother nature Realy Thanx for beeing concerned

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