I often risk too much. Sometimes I go hike by myself which I really shouldn't do because if I broke my leg or if I meet a bear, there will be nobody to help me. I have hanged on a very steep hill. It was almost a cliff without a rope and if I had slipped, I could have fallen down 150 feet below. When I was in Tokyo, I rid bike 20 to 40 km everyday. It was fun but also there were always great dangers to be hit by a car since the roads in Tokyo are so narrow. So I always think of my death. Everybody has to die someday, and I am ready to die any time. That what I think and it is a good thing right now because I don't have my family to take care of, I don't have kids to look after, I don't have a girlfriend or wife who will cry for me, so why not. But I also know how much I feel fear when I face to death. It is very scary thing.

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sd   [2008-02-23 21:10:47]
Hey you silly boy You need to buy me a cadilac before you die Dont forget to leave your $$ to me ok Live and enjoy life Have fun but...Play safe

So   [2008-02-23 21:46:04]
Yes I will go see layer and create well

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