NASCAR Racing 2003 Editor
Free utility software for NASCAR Racing 2003 by Papyrus (LAST UPDATED ON MAY 23, 2004)

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NASCAR Racing 2003 Season Editor (NR2003 Editor) is software that helps you to customize game files for NASCAR Racing 2003 Season by Papyrus. NR2003 Editor is a simple and small program but it is free to use and handy to have.

Season Scheduler
You can create new season schedules, or modify existing schedules. You can specify the name of events, date, track, and length of races. You can eliminate events that you don't like (such as road courses), and add other events.

Auto AI Editor
Auto AI Strength is a nice new feature for NR2003, but in order to race competitively, you have to complete a race otherwise the default AI Strength is 70. Or sometimes Auto AI Strength doesn't really match with your skills. Auto AI Editor lets you to change AI Strength so that you can always race competitively. You can see a chart to see which type of track you are good at and not good at.

Track Editor
With Track Editor, you can modify each track's attributes such as tire wear and grip level. Also you can change how AI drives. Grip modifier, drag modifier, fuel usage and so on. Feel free to make changes because if you don't like the change you made, you can always restore default setup.

Backup Utility and Restore Utility
Before some bad things happen to your computer, there is Backup Utility to save your game files, which are export/import files, player files including championship season data, all car setups for all tracks, auto AI setting, replay files, season schedules, rosters, and car files. Restore Utility will restore backup files that you saved with Backup Utility.




Downloads & Version Histories

May 23, 2004: Version 1.3

Note: In order to change the AI strength on new tracks, you have to complete a lap on each track or otherwise track name won't show up in AI Strength screen. Version 1.3's Track editor is still not competable with all mods. I will try to fix the problem by the next update.

Download (283 kb)

-Backup mods' season data
-Backup mods' car data
-Creates and save seasons for mods

March 15, 2004: Version 1.2
-Fixed AI Streangth error (Competable with Add-on tracks, and Mods)
-Season scheduler: date will change by moving up or down

March 8, 2003: Version 1.1
-Track Editor added
-Minor changes on user interfaces
-Save track.ini with Backup Utility
-Backup up to 1024 files at once instead of 256 files
-Fixed bugs with the buttons in Season Scheduler
-Fixed an error editing an existing season schedule
-Fixed an error on AI chart when all AI strength are the same


Install & Uninstall

Install version 1.3
Unzip and put all 3 files (NR2003 Editor.exe, Unzip32.dll, Zip32.dll) in the same folder. You can move the folder in anywhere you want to.

Install version 1.3 (Update from version 1.2)
Unzip and put all 3 files (NR2003 Editor.exe, Unzip32.dll, Zip32.dll) in the exsiting NR2003 Editor folder from version 1.2.

Install version 1.3 (Update from version 1.0 or 1.1)
Uninstall the older version first then unzip and put all 3 files (NR2003 Editor.exe, Unzip32.dll, Zip32.dll) in the existing NR2003 Editor folder from older version.

Uninstall version 1.0 or 1.1
Use Window's Add or Remove Programs which can be found in Control Panel. It might give you an error message while uninstalling, but you can ignore it. Then manually erase the NR2003 Editor directory if there is (By default, C:\Program Files\NR2003 Editor).

Uninstall version 1.2 or higher
Manually delete NR2003 Editor folder, and that's all.

Attention: Winzip (or other similar programs) is needed in order to unzip the installer or the upgrade package unless you use Windows XP.



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