CATEGOLY: Friend/Funny

Ikariya was my female classmate's last name. I don't remember her first name. I know her first name was not Chosuke. Chosuke Ikaria is a famous Japanese commedian. She said something that still makes me think. She was a small girl. She was in my grade 6th class. She hadn't yet had a growing period. In other word, she still had totally flat boobs or I should say her body wasn't much different from boy's except her body didn't have penis. Unfortunately, this little, sometimes too honest boy, So became her friend and told her "Hey Ikariya, I think you already know, you don't have any boobs. Your things are flat". Then she got mad at me and said, "What if I don't get any? Will you take responsibility?" Since then I was confused what she meant by responsibility. Did she mean to pay for her plastic surgery, or maybe she meant she thought she can not get marry because of that and if that's the case I have to marry her. I have no idea. And I also still wonder if she has boobs now...