My family's star, Kiki

UPDATED DATE: 2001-01-04

I love him. He is my cat (my family or any family I believe say “he is my cat” and argue who’s cat he is) we bought him when I was 10 or 11. I don’t know my family member’s birthday, but him. His birthday is July 24th. He is a male without balls. He is an American short hair. He is a sweetie. I don’t miss anybody or anything from Japan, but him. (Well I take it back. Mostly I don’t miss anything.) I wish I could bring him in US. The sweetest thing he does is when my family members come home, he always come to the front door to meow. The amazing thing though, he can tell the difference between stranger's foot sound, so when somebody comes to my house to deliver a package or something, he ignores it. (This picture was taken in 2000. There are more pictures of him in Wallpaper - Gallery section.)