The cockroach busters

DATE OF EVENT: 1987-1988

When I was in 4th grade, our classroom had a crisis. I name it "Cockroach crisis". So often cockroaches came out from somewhere and interrupted class. Unfortunately my teacher was female so she could do nothing but scream. Somebody had to do something for this crisis. One brave boy stood up for everybody to fight against cockroaches. His name was So Nakagawa. His dearest 3 friends followed him to relieve this poor hopeless classroom. To fight against the disgusting but extremely tough creature, we needed a weapon. So we made one. It was a ruler with a screw stuck out. Then we had to study their vital. So we tore their body into pieces. If I remember correctly, the toughest one survived even after being tore into 9 pieces. Every time somebody screamed, it was our job to capture and kill cockroach. We went after them, we trapped them, but we never could find where they came from until the end of the school year. Finally, finally we were able to locate their colony. It was in the huge bag outside of the class. In the bag, there were lots of potatoes left out when we planted as a school education at beginning of the year. It was perfect plant I guess for them because no one saw inside the bag, and there were tons of food for them. As a leader of the cockroach busters, I grabbed the bag and ran through the hallway, ran down stairs from 3rd floor to the 1st floor, and crossed over playground to the incinerator. How many cockroaches escaped and flew away when I was running. How many cockroaches climbed on my arm. But the nightmare was end. Most of cockroaches were burned. We were saved.