CATEGOLY: Life Lesson
DATE OF EVENT: 1984-1988, Picture Taken on April 29, 1986

Experience of gymnastics was one of the most important things to me. Doing gymnastics was painful to me but after all the experience became extremely variable for my life, and this is why. My trainer was bisexual and he taught me how wonderful to be bi. And I was a just kid who didn't know anything about the real life, I just believed him and here I am now, I am bisexual. Ok, I will go back to the real story. I was good at gymnastics. The best achievement I had performed was in 5th in my province. Pretty good, eh? But it wasn't fun at all. I had practice 6 days a week from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. It was so hard; I think it will kill me if I do the same thing now at age of 18 and 63 months. Imagine a young boy do this amount of work almost every day. I was beaten pretty well. Also all kind of injures harden my gymnastic life. Instead fighting against painful, I started skipping practice. I skipped one day. I skipped 2 days in a raw sometimes. 2 days became 3 days, and 3 days became 1 week. When I thought about going back practice, I realized I hadn't practiced more than a month and it was just too late to go back. I even couldn't go gym to say good-bye to my friends when I quite. I was too ashamed myself to show my face to them. As a child I understood that I was a big looser. It was anger. It was frustration. It was despair of my ability and belief in me. I learned well from this experience, because I knew if I gave up something again just like I have given up gymnastics, I would have to go thought the same thing I felt. I didn't want that happen again and I still don't want that. Since then I have never given up something that I once decided to do.