The nightmare

CATEGOLY: Funny/Scary
DATE OF EVENT: Childhood
UPDATED DATE: 2001-01-04

There was a quite big pond in my backyard and there were about 10 carps. Some of them were as big as 30 cm. (Haha dumb Americans don’t understand how big 30 cm is. It’s about 1 foot.) Read "Where did you used to pee when you were a kid? " to understand this joke. When I came home from school, sometimes I needed to go pee so bad. Finding the key from my backpack, opening the front door, and running to the bathroom took too long, so as soon as I got home, I went to the pond to party. And it was a great idea because my mom couldn’t find it out. But for the fish, it must have been a nightmare. I mean if I were the fish, I would think, here comes the stupid kid once again to pee in my precious pond. He is polluting my water. “Hey neighbors don’t go there because that stupid kid peed around there again.” Hahaha ok that’s enough. It was another made up story.

The real story is much more serious. Some fish died because of their age, and some were killed by cats. I saw their died body floating on the surface. Sometimes I raised a tomb for them, sometimes I was little lazy and didn’t raised a tomb for them for a while. The amazing thing is that whether I had seen a died body or not, if I didn’t raise a tomb for a week or so, I always had the same nightmare every single time fish died. It starts like this. I am diving in a pool but looks more like a real sea. There are fish, and sea plants in it, then suddenly I loose control of my body. I am aralyzed, so I sink. I can’t move my legs to get the surface. I can’t move my arms. My body just wouldn’t move, but shakes. So I try to get help, but I even cannot yell to get somebody's help, then the scene changes. I am in my house. I hear my brother screaming from the pond. I run toward it. Open the door to see what is going on. What I see is a huge giant, bigger than an adult crayfish grabbing him from behind. I try to call mom but again my body starts shaking and I cannot speak. All I can do is watching him being attacked. Then the nightmare ends. I wake up. As soon as I had a chance to raise a tomb after having the dream, I did it. When I didn’t know a fish died when I saw the dream, I went there too see if there was a died body and always there was a died fish. Scary huh?