Where did you used to pee when you were a kid?

DATE OF EVENT: Childhood
UPDATED DATE: 2001-01-04

My mom used to let me do a very strange thing. How strange? Well, let’s found it out. There was a time my family owned a house. It may sound nothing to North Americans, since there is tons of space in there but in Japan especially around Tokyo, living in a house is the everybody’s dream. Only rich people live in a house. Some lucky people live in an apartment but most people live in streets. That’s why it is always so clouded in Japan. Make sense, huh? If people live in streets, then streets get really clouded all the time. Should I tell you most people live in streets is a lie? If you thought it was true, you are silly. Go back to the story, there was backyard in my house with lots of plants and trees. I was a kid, when I was on my way to home from elementary school, sometimes I had to walk fast or run because I needed to go pee so bad. When I got my house, I couldn’t hold on to it. Finding the key from my backpack, opening the front door, and running to the bathroom took too long, so as soon as I entered the yard, I used to pee on tree. First, I felt guilty, but I did it again and again. Somehow my mom found it out and I thought she would give me a scolding, but instead, she told me “Don’t pee at the leaves. It will kill the leaves so aim at the root. Pee is good for tree.” I can’t believe she said that but she said it. From then, I didn’t have to feel guilty to pee in my backyard.

Speaking of pee. There is one more story to tell you. I had worked for a company that my dad works for. My dad was in the different office so I didn’t see him, but he used to work in the same office I worked. So there were lots of people who knew my dad. Of course my dad’s best friend was there too. He is and always has been my brother and my guardian. Anyway, he was kinda excited to see me because he had known me since I was born. So he took me a bar sometimes which I hated it actually. When he drinks he starts talking and talking and talking. One day he started telling my dad’s problem about me when I was 3 or so. He said I sometimes peed from my window in 2nd floor in my apartment. Of course I don’t remember doing that, but my dad saw it and I never stop doing that, so dad talked about it with him. Is it really true though? I think he was too drank or just lying. Because when he told me the story I was like oh my good lord what I am gonna do with my boy. But it is really true? I realized crucial evidence just a few hours ago. Yes we used to live in an apartment before we moved in a house, but my house was in the 1st floor not the 2nd. Hummmm. I don’t know. Maybe I should ask my dad or mom.