I have to tell you this before I start telling this story. I am terrible at reading books and writing essays. Now this is story of Essay. When I was in elementary school, they gave me so many awards. I had received many awards for Shuji (handwriting of Chinese characters which considered as important art work in Asia), for drawing and manual arts, for finishing top 10 in marathon competitions, and many more. I have more than 30 awards that I got, but there was one award that really surprised me and still I can't believe that I got that award because I got it for something isn't my cup of tea. (Hey Cedar, I used "cup of tea" for you.) It was essay. The essay was about shopping at a small vegetable store. Here is brief summary of the essay. My mom asked me to go the vegetable store, kill all clerks, and steal money, so she gave me a knife. Hahaha. She asked to go some grocery shopping. So I went the store and picked up what she asked. When I asked a clerk to give me some cucumbers, the clerk asked "How many do you want, boy?" and I thought for one moment and said "8" (Japanese cucumber is much smaller than what North Americans). The clerk said "Wow, that many? What for?" I said, "Because I love cucumbers" This essay was on the front page of the school newspaper.