Window Mountain

DATE OF EVENT: August 24, 1997 & August 23, 1998

This is another famous mountain around south Alberta because of its unique hole on the hillside. This hiking is very short. However don’t assume it is easy. You have to hike steep hills for most of the way. If you are afraid of height then this mountain is not for you.

What triggered me to decide to hike this mountain was when I went to Mt. Ward, which was right next to Window Mt.. From Mt. Ward I could see the window, and my outdoor instructor told me about the mountain.

I tried here twice, because I couldn't get to the window for the first try, so for the second time, I planed better than the first time. I asked my outdoor education teacher the direction to the window. My friends and I brought cooking stuff to cook out because I knew there was a waterfall on the way. I thought It’s would be nice to cook while resting. By the way it was a great idea.

Other than this I don’t have much to say about Window Mountain, so just watch the pictures.