DATE OF EVENT: 1997-1998

If you live in Alberta, Canada, you know Lethbridge. It is a small city. There are 3 theaters, and there are one university and one community college. Only one building in Lethbridge has an escalator. But I guess it is still more city-ish than having only one traffic light like Crowsnest Pass.

After living in the Rockies, I moved in a city to attend Lethbridge Community College. The time there wasn’t as exciting as in the Rockies, but still it was ok.

Besides going back to the Crowsnest Pass, I developed a pattern how I spent time there. Weekdays of course I had college. Weekends, I ride bike to the downtown, and went to shopping mall to eat my favorite food Edo’s large sukiyaki beef. It was only $3.25 (CAN). So cheap, so delicious. I absolutely loved it. After feeding my tummy, it was the time to watch a movie, $2.50 (CAN) which is about $1.80 (US). Not the old movies, the new ones. Very cheap isn’t it. After all it is just ludicrous to pay $15 (US) to see a movie. Unfortunately it is the price of a typical movie in Japan.

I lived in Lethbridge from May of 97 until July of 98.