Good-bye Crowsnest

CATEGOLY: School Days
DATE OF EVENT: April, 1997

On April 27th, the 12 students and N.I.T. staff had a good-bye party at a bar. We celebrated our achievements during last one year. One year ago, we could speak so little English. We didn't know much vocabulary. We didn't know how to ask questions. We couldn't understand what people were saying. But after 5 hours of English classes everyday, twice a week of tutoring, living with a host family, and involved in the community helped us to learn and adapt the new language and culture.

This one year was the best year I'd ever had. The time I had was so valuable and I cannot think of any better way to spend a year. I learned so many things not only English or academic things, but about life, nature, and myself. Rest of my life, I am sure I will never forget about this year.

For some fun, here is an audio file that contains my very first English hearing test. This was taken 9 days after I arrived in Canada. It is embarrassing, but it's funny.
(Click Here to hear my hearing test)